Fundraising for Animals: Dinner Auction Fundraiser

If you have lots of member and volunteers that love to cook, you might want to try a Dinner Auction Fundraiser.  It would be a great event to help your animals rescue organization with fundraising.  It would also be a great event to hold a reverse raffle, or Chinese auction to help double the amount of fundraising.

Dinner Auction Fundraiser

Supplies: Take out containers, volunteers to cook, a venue to hold the event and an auctioneer, are all that you need to get your Dinner Auction Fundraiser going.  Oh, and don’t forget to advertise it, social media is great for this.

Asking a local restaurant to sponsor the event, and provide the take out containers would be a great idea too!  Provide signage that states that the restaurant sponsored the event.  It’s a charitable contribution for them, and some publicity.

Each volunteer makes a single dinner, or you could have each be a dinner for two.  Such as fried chicken, potatoes, a veggie and a roll.  And packs it up in the take out containers.  It would be great if the containers had clear lids.  It’s that easy.

Then let the Dinner Auction Fundraiser begin.  At the venue, the meals are set out on a table so that people can see that they are bidding on.  Numbers, and a description of each with them.

Then the auctioneer auctions them off, starting at around $5-10 for a single meal $8-15 for a dinner for two.  And let the bidding war begin, and see how high they go.  You could also have desserts up for bid, or included with the meals.  Just start the bidding appropriately.

Dinner Auction Fundraiser add-on options:

You could add a Chinese Auction. Or even more fun a Reverse Raffle, where the participants have to do silly things during the event.  Saves you the hassle of collecting items for a Chinese auction.

If your venue is pet friendly, you could even turn it into an adoption event!  I’d just keep the animals as far from the food as possible.  And always with reliable handlers.

Dinner Auction Fundraiser Variations:

If your group has a lot of singles, or single volunteers willing to participate, you could make it like a picnic basket auction where the bidder also gets to have lunch with whoever made the meal they bid on and won.  Of course, they aren’t supposed to know who made what before the bidding begins.

Have fun with it and see how much money your animal rescue organization can make!

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