Fundraising for Animals: Easter Egg Grab Bag Fundraiser

Does your organization have a big Easter Fundraiser event coming up?  If so have you thought of adding an Easter Egg Grab Bag Fundraiser to it?  If not, you really should.  The more things going on at your fundraising events, the longer people tend to stay, and the more they’ll donate!

Easter Egg Grab Bag Fundraiser

Supplies: A large plastic tote bin, or cardboard box.  Empty plastic Easter eggs. Easter grass.

And last, but not least, egg fillers, such as coins, candy, small prizes.

Set up is pretty easy too.  Decorate your box or tote up for Easter, and fill it with the Easter grass.  If the event is also an adoption event, remember to use the paper Easter grass instead of the plastic.  The paper Easter grass is much safer for animals than the plastic is.

Fill your eggs with the candy, coins and small prizes.  All but a few of them.

In a few of the empty eggs, you’ll put your “Grand Prizes”.  Your grand prizes could be donated gift certificates for local businesses, or even just ten or twenty dollar bills.

Set up your tote at your event and charge a dollar or so for each egg.  Make sure to advertise what your grand prizes are!

An Easter Egg Grab Bag adds another booth, another way to raise funds, to your event, with very little time and effort needed to get it set up.

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