Foster Dog Update: Last Three Puppies

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Fourteen weeks old yesterday, there’s just three puppies left waiting for their perfect forever homes now. Little Lucky (Flopsy, is what she’s being called because of her floppy ears) and her sister, Socks (formerly Sweetie), and our Bobby Boy (Little Bean) is back too. His adoption didn’t take.  A puppy is a lot of work, some people forget how much until they get one.

Two little girls, and our little boy.  They have moved in with us permanently.  And have been leaving their marks on our house instead of Wendy’s now.

Just Three Little Ones Left from Mama Lucky’s Litter

Lucky's puppies 14 weeks
Lucky’s puppies 14 weeks

Although, I do believe I have finally built a good puppy pen.  Two exercise pens, a lot of zip ties, and even some yarn.  But Socks hasn’t gotten out on her own in three hours now.  And yes, that feels like a victory.  She’s tormented my dogs to the point that they don’t want to even go near the puppies.

Although Bobby did escape out the door when I opened it to grab something. They also can’t drag it around the room, I’ve zip tied it to two medium dog crates, and tied it to the leg of a table.

I won’t relax my vigil though.  These are some smart puppies.  And some big puppies, in a house set up for small dogs.  They are already taller than most of the permanent resident dogs.

The Girls Have Two Very Different Personalities

Now that they can be securely contained, we’ve got things under control.  And are learning their individual personalities.  Which with the girls are as different as night and day.

Little Lucky


Little Lucky (Flopsy) is a laid back chill girl. She gets along fine with the other dogs, ignoring everyone, but Cami and her sister, mostly. She loves attention, but isn’t clingy, or really cuddly. Definitely not a lap dog.  Which isn’t a bad thing considering she’s going to be a larger dog.  She loves toys and can keep herself entertained for quite some time with them. She’s even content in the playpen with her many toys. Or chasing Cami and Socks through the house at playtime. But she also enjoys a rousing game of tug with either a human, or her sister, Socks.   It’s one of the few things they have in common besides a birthday and mother.   Although, being all black, it’s harder to get good photos of her. It doesn’t help that she’s rarely still unless she’s sleeping, and then bumping the playpen wakes her up.


Socks loves to be cuddled.
Socks loves to be cuddled.

Socks, on the other hand, wants to be with me every minute.  Even better if she’s on your lap, head, leg, you get the picture.  She a sweet girl when she being cuddled, all kisses and wet tongue.  Unfortunately, she’s also a very hyper girl.  Who is still learning to calm herself down when she gets wound up.  She’s okay with some of the resident dogs, but has taken a dislike to old man Ozzy. She’s not a fan of Monkey either.  Which severely limits her time out of the playpen.  She also hates being confined, which means she spends a lot of time in my arms when the other dogs are around. And the rest of the dogs get put to bed during puppy play times, for their own safety.

As of now, Socks is only recommended for a well experienced adopter, preferably with no small dogs or children in the house.  I think in a house with less confusion, mainly less dogs, she would do better.  She did wonderful with Wendy and her very big dogs. She will need someone willing to work with her, and invest the time needed to make her a well-mannered dog.

Bobby Boy

He's Back - Our Bobby Boy
He’s Back – Our Bobby Boy

Bobby boy is still his chill, relaxed self.  Even after his failed adoption.  Cami was thrilled to have him back, and they’ve already spent hours playing together.  He’s such a sweet little boy. Bobby loves to be cuddled, and doesn’t bother the other dogs.  He doesn’t bark as much as the girls, but he is the cry baby, which of course, is how he got his name in the first place.  Our sweet boy did great at his trial run adoption, only having a few accidents in the house.  And being gentle with the small kids.  But he was happy to see me when I picked him up. Now he’s back (since Tuesday night) deviling with his sisters and playing with Cami.

But hopefully soon, we’ll have forever homes lined up for these three sweet kids.  Just like their five siblings that are already in their forever homes.  But until then, they’ll be here.  Hopefully, learning their manners, and not to eat their small breed dog foster siblings.

This post is part of the series Mama Lucky and Puppies

Other posts in this series:

  1. Newest Foster: Lucky and Her 8 Newborn Puppies (Fosters #55-63)
  2. Foster Dog Updates: Lucky and 8 Puppies
  3. Foster Update: Mama Lucky and Babies

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