The Big Boys, our first dogs

The Big Boys are our original dogs, we got them all within 9 months of each other, as puppies.  They were the dogs that introduced me to the wonderful world of dogs, before that I had been terrified of dogs.  Although not really much bigger than the other dogs in the house, they were dubbed the big boys as the number of dogs in the house increased.


Jackyl - 10 yr old Jack Russell Terrier
Jackyl, my first furbaby, 10 yr old Jack Russell Terrier

Jackyl was my pretty much my first dog, an AKC registered short hair Jack Russell Terrier.  I had cared for outside strays before, even vetting them, but had never had a dog of my own. My husband however, had been raised around dogs.  I hate to admit it, but he came from a commercial breeder.  12 weeks old when we first met him, he was a handful.  (I would never recommend a first time dog owner getting a Jack Russell puppy.)

Along with the puppy, we went home with a crate, leash, some food and a book on the Jack Russell Terrier breed.  I thought we were all prepared. He was a handful and I knew nothing about dogs.  I did everything wrong.  I had him to the vet like 6 times in the first 2 months with him.  He ate everything, food and non-food items alike.  He pulled the leash out of my hands, wrapped the retractable leash around my legs to the point of rope burn.  The only things I managed to teach him were to sit on my lap, and play fetch.  He did those two things all day, he was an eight pound puppy back then, having him on my lap while I worked was fine then.

Now full grown, and having just had his tenth birthday, my legs go to sleep long before he’s ready to abandon his spot.  There were days back then when I would throw the ball for hours straight, trying to tire him out.  He’s slowed down a little, very little though, into his senior years. He still likes to play fetch, but now it’s more a game of keep away.

Chewy Lewis

Chewy Lewis, 10 yr old Spitz Mix
Chewy Lewis, 10 yr old Spitz Mix Loves to lay in the weirdest places


Chewy Lewis, often referred to as just Chewy or Lewy, became our second dog.  After six months of my life revolving around my hyper active JRT puppy, I thought he could use a friend.  That was probably the best thing I had done, dog-wise for our household.

Almost six months old when we adopted him, a (Finnish) Spitz Mix, he was terrified of men.  Chewy loved our son, who was ten at the time, greatly.  They became the best of friends, but he peed every time my husband touched him.  It took around 18 months for him to get over that.  He and Jackyl quickly became the best of friends. Now, almost ten years later, with both nearly ten years old, they’re still the best of friends. Chewy is one of our best behaved, and barkiest dogs.  He always alerts me to anyone coming anywhere near our property.  He still like to lay in weird places too.

Great White (Woobie)

Woobie, 9 yr old Pomeranian
Woobie, 9 yr old Pomeranian – Loves to lay in the window sills.

Great White, more often called Woobie, for short, is a 9 year old Pomeranian.  He was the third dog to grace our house.  The little brother that Jackyl and Chewy never wanted.  His first day home, they tried to attack him.  Within a few days though they had adopted him as one of their own.

As a puppy, everyone loved him.  We took him with us everywhere, and let anyone and everyone that wanted to see him play with him.  Maybe we let him get loved up too much during those first months of life with us.  Now he’s the most anti-social dog ever.  He plays with his brothers, Jackyl and Chewy, but to him, none of the other dogs really exist.  Where as all of the other dogs in the house run to greet visitors, Woobie runs to his crate and hides.  He rarely allows anyone to touch him, besides his dad.  He does love to be brush (when he’s not full or mats or burrs) and lets me do that for him.