Foster Puppies: Watching Them Grow

We all know how quickly puppies grow up.  Way too quickly!  Even seeing our foster puppies everyday, it’s hard to believe how fast they grow.  One week they are tiny little balls of fluff bouncing around the kitchen at playtime, and the next it seems they’ve grown into adorable little dogs, ready to go off to their forever homes.  Yet, when you see them every day, you don’t really noticed the changes.  I tend to see the changes more, week to week, in other family’s foster puppies that we visit from time to time.  Or when I look back through the pictures and video we’ve taken of them. Of which, I have a lot.  Like, hundreds.  Apparently, I walk around all day with my camera in hand, taking photos and videos of the foster puppies and the other dogs.  I’m not sure how I get anything else done.

So I’ll share some of our foster puppies cuteness with you! Hope it’s not too much cuteness!  Keep in mind that I’m not a photographer, and puppies are hard to photograph.  The older they get, the less they sit still long enough to got good shots.

Let the Golden Retriever puppy cuteness begin: Foster puppies