Foster Update: Sophie Ann, Cavachon

Sophie, now Sophie Ann, because apparently Sophie, Snuggie, Woobie, and Cami all sound too much alike for her.  And when there’s a whole pack of dogs at my feet, Sophie, Snuggie and Woobie look too much alike. White/cream and fluffy. So she’s become Sophie Ann, and we’re doing a bit better at singling out each dog when needed.

Adoption Approaching

First off, we have wonderful news!  Sophie Ann has an approved adoption application.  So as soon as we can get a grooming appointment, she will have a meet and greet with the family.  (Our wonderful groomer has been sick, and we haven’t wanted to bother her.) Hopefully, they’ll love her and her sweet, silly personality as much as we do. And that they’ll be willing to work with her

Learning her manners

Sophie Ann's Selfie, 1.75 yr old Cavachon
Sophie Ann’s Selfie, 1.75 yr old Cavachon

Sophie Ann is definitely making progress.  She no longer jumps on people, unless she’s invited by saying her name, and patting your legs.  Yay!  No more black and blue marks.  She isn’t trying to eat the furniture anymore.  Although socks are still game, so the laundry has been moved out of her reach.  But some how she still manages to find dirty socks to steal.  So are stuffed dog toys, so they’ve all been put away.  She loves the hard rubber dog toys, racquet balls, and the Nylabones.  Tug ropes, as long as they are strong, and in good shape hold up well with her too.  Although her all time favorite thing to do is play with Cami.  They race through the house chasing each other, wrestle on the floor or share a chew toy.  And she is still very gentle with little Cami.

Playing outside, is also one of Sophie Ann’s favorite things now.  She and Cami don’t even seem to notice the frigid temps.  I have to drag them back in when I start getting cold. They wrestle in the snow, and bury their faces.  They chase each other around.  And they ran into the burr bush patch behind the garage that I can’t seem to eradicate. Not a big deal for silky haired Cami.  But we’re still digging burrs out of Sophie Ann’s curly fur.  And the girls are back on leashes.  Sophie Ann is not a good woods dog.  Although she loves them.  But her recall, even with the name change, is wonderful.  And she no longer tries to bolt out the door every time it’s opened.

Quieter Sophie Ann

Sophie Ann 1.75 yr old Cavachon, She stays behind the gate now.
Sophie Ann 1.75 yr old Cavachon, She stays behind the gate now.

We’ve curbed her constant barking.  We still have a few episodes a day, usually when one of the other dogs bark at something.  But she no longer barks constantly when I have to put her behind a gate, or in her crate.  And she stays behind the gate, even after I get out of sight.

She still doesn’t sleep in her crate at night. We value our sleep, maybe too much. She does nap in it during the day when I need to get some work done.  Or when we have to leave the house.  And thanks to Brother, we now have a camera on the playpen and crates in my office, so that I can check on them while I’m out.  So we know that she stays pretty calm in her crate while we are gone.  She does have occasional barking spells, but not constant. Her special chew bone stays in her crate, and if she’s not tired, it keeps her busy.  She even knows the bedtime command and enters her crate nicely.

At night she now sleeps in Sister’s room.  Sometimes in the bed with her, or other times in her open crate, or a dog bed on the floor.  But she can now be trusted not to destroy the house at night.  Although, if the bedroom door gets left open accidentally, she does find that sleeping on the dining room table is nice. We don’t find it quite so nice to wake up to.  But we’re working with her on it, and we’re trying to learn to push in the chairs completely every time we get up.  It’s so wonderful how the dogs always train us in return.  I’ve also caught her trying to find a way up onto my work table.


Sophie Ann 1.75 yr old Cavachon, Cami, 11 month old Dachshund Chihuahua
Sophie Ann 1.75 yr old Cavachon, Cami, 11 month old Dachshund Chihuahua

Now that she’s totally settled in here, and feeling comfortable and loved, Sophie Ann has developed a desire to try and mount every dog in the house.  She’s trying to find her place in the hierarchy of such a large pack.  It didn’t take her long to realize that most of the dogs will not tolerate it, and they let her know, in no uncertain terms.  Unfortunately, Cami is a very submissive pup.  And well, half of the size of our Sophie Ann. So we’re also working on this.

All in all though, Sophie Ann is a wonderful, high energy, girl!  Her sweet, silly, loving personality is the best.  She hasn’t met a human or animal that she doesn’t instantly love and tries to befriend.  She does need more socialization, and work on her manners, but what dog doesn’t.  We’re always working with every dog in the house.  And she’s a great girl to work with, eager to learn, eager to please.  And very loving.  She’s also very food motivated, which makes training much easier.



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