Fundraising for Animals: Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

Just about every group does raffles, or Chinese auctions at their events, and they usually do pretty well.  But if you want to add something a little more interactive, different or fun, how about a Reverse Raffle Fundraiser?  A raffle that people will pay NOT to win.

A Reverse Raffle Fundraiser is a great idea to add to an already planned event to bring in a little more money.  Such as the Chinese auctions done at most events.  And it can be adapted to fit most any fundraising event you have in the works.

For a Reverse Raffle Fundraiser you can use all sorts of things.

Reverse Raffle Fundraiser for a “Stop in” Event

The only extra supplies you’ll need to add a Reverse Raffle Fundraiser to your event is a roll of double tickets.

If it’s a “stop in” event, where people are always coming going, have a larger unwanted item that you’re raffling off.  Such as an old toilet, tire, etc.

Set it up near the entrance, so everyone gets a good look at it as they come in.

Hand everyone a ticket when they come in the door. And tell them that they’re entered in a drawing to win said prize.  But that they can “sell” their ticket back to you for usually $1-$10, depending on the event, so that they won’t win the item.

At the end of the event, take all tickets that weren’t sold back, and have a drawing for the lucky winner!

Reverse Raffle Fundraiser for a “Stay for the duration” Event

If you’re having an event like the Woman-less Beauty Pageant Fundraiser, where people will be sticking around for the event, you don’t even need a physical prize.  You can use “prizes” that the participants will perform during the event.  Such as: Dancing on a table, wearing a ridiculous hat, wig or mask, singing is always a good one.

Be creative!  And don’t be afraid to have more than one “prize” to give participants more reasons to sell their tickets.

Every hour or so, depending on your event and number of “prizes” hold a drawing for the un-lucky winner.

It’s really a great way to liven up an event, or make it even funnier.  Have fun with it!

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