Fundraising for Animals: Squeegee Day Fundraiser

Lots of non-profit groups do car washes as fundraisers. And they can be fun for both the volunteers and the customers.  But your fundraiser might be hindered by the weather.  If it’s not a nice day, no one really wants to get their cars washed.  They can also be a pain in the butt, you have to find a big enough parking lot so that if it goes well, and you get backed up there’s room for everyone to wait.  But you also need a reliable water source.  Hoses that are being driven over constantly can be a danger.  You also have to have ladders, especially in rural areas like ours, because there’s a lot of trucks on the road.  So let’s try to simplify that.  You also need quite a few volunteers to help out.  Instead try the  Squeegee Day Fundraiser.

Squeegee Day Fundraiser

The squeegee day fundraiser is a lot simpler, and requires a lot less people.  And doesn’t hinge so much on the weather.  It’s also a lot easier to reschedule in the event of inclement weather.

Instead of a full out car wash, a few squeegees, a couple bottles of window cleaner, and a fast food drive-thru are all you need.  And a few volunteers, 4 at a minimum.   If your group has enough volunteers, you could even have teams at a few different drive thru locations throughout the same area.  Always check with the restaurant in advance.

Set up a couple of volunteers at the beginning of the drive thru lane, ready to tell about the fundraiser, and your group.  You could even hand out flyers about your organization.  These volunteers can ask if they’d like to have their windshield washed for a donation.  If the customer does, they take the donation and put a ticket under the windshield.

A second set of volunteers waits at the end of the drive thru.  After the customer gets their food and pulls forward, they wash the windshield, one from each side.  Thank the customer and move on the the next windshield.

Squeegee Day Fundraiser Variations:

Instead of the fast food restaurant drive-thrus, ask the local gas stations to do it there.  Most already have window cleaner and squeegees at the pumps.  What could be easier?

Fundraising for the animals doesn’t get much easier than the Squeegee Day Fundraiser.  And it’s usually just as profitable as a full car wash.

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