The Great White Woobie, A Pomeranian

The Great White Woobie, a larger Pomeranian, was the third dog to grace us with his presence. We already had Jackyl and Chewy Lewis when we brought home this little fluffball.  He was in such bad need of a grooming when we got him, that we didn’t even know he was a white dog with tan spots, we thought he was brown.  Not that it mattered much to us.  But he was a cutie!

His brother’s didn’t much care for him at first.  The Man of the House blamed it on his girlishness.  I think they were content just the two of them.  But oh, was he a cutie.

The Great White Woobie: The First Year, Pomeranian Puppy-hood.

The Great White Woobie: The Pomeranian adult years (1-9.5)

As the most anti-social dog that we’ve ever dealt with, he’s the one I probably have the least amount of pictures of.  I don’t know if that’s a Pomeranian thing, or just his own personality.  Now that he’s nine years old, he basically spends most of his day either under my desk, he likes me to rub him with my feet while I work.  Or in his crate, hiding out from the world.  He’s also the dog that seems to hide his age the best.  Again, not sure if that’s a Pomeranian trait, or because he’s white.



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