Fundraising for Animals: Honey Do Raffle Fundraiser

We all have a “Honey Do” list.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have something around the house or yard that they’ve wanted to do, but it just never seems to get done.  If your animal rescue organization has a lot of “handy” volunteers, a Honey Do Raffle Fundraiser might be just the fundraiser your group is looking for.

Honey Do Raffle Fundraiser

Who doesn’t want a chance to win a day of help around the house?  Well, give them a chance to win your handy volunteers for an afternoon to help get those Honey do lists all taken care of with a Honey Do Raffle Fundraiser.

Depending on the level of your Honey Helpers, there are lots of task they could tackle.  They could get the yard ready for spring, since we’re all hoping it comes soon.  Paint a room, help to organize the house.  Clean out a garage, wash windows.  Weed flower beds.  Lots of things are within the reach of a team of volunteers.  Even if they aren’t all that “handy”.   But it might be a good idea to put a limit to the things your Honey Helpers are allowed to do.

Since this is a raffle, always check you local laws to see if your organization needs a small games of chance license to do this fundraiser.

But it’s simple.  Just sell raffle tickets for around $5-10 each, and raffle off your volunteers for an afternoon.  It’s that easy.  Well, it may not be that easy for your Honey Helpers, but they’ll be working for a good cause.  So it will be well worth it, since they’re helping to raise money for your animal rescue group or shelter.

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