Fundraising for Animals: Kiddie Carnival Fundraiser

So you’re looking to fund raise for an animal rescue and you want something a little out of the box?  Tired of all of the sub sandwich sales, candy bar sales.  Door to door sales suck period. We all do them, for every activity our children do it seems. Doughnut holes, candy bars, cookie dough, subs, etc…  We all get tired of selling.  Soliciting items for Chinese auctions, or silent auctions can be tiring too.

So are there any community events in your area coming up?  A festival, block party, homecoming?  Why not get involved with one of these, or many other community get-together.  By tapping into a community event that is already bringing people together, you’ll reach a wider audience.

There are lots of ways to get involved in a community event to raise funds for an animal rescue.  Beside just setting up a table asking for donations, and showing photos of the animals for adoption.

Kiddie Carnival Fundraiser

A “Kiddie Carnival” would be one great idea to piggy back on an already planned community event, such as a festival or block party.  If you get involved with the planning of the event, a lot of times the other participants will work with you to have a themed event.

One of the local radio stations has a block party every year in the town park.  They were looking for ideas, and groups and vendors to come and we recommended a kiddie carnival.  The radio station rented a bounce house for it, and offered to sponsor a Pet Pageant.  The dog rescue group, that I was working with at the time, set up game booths for the kids.  We did the best of all of the non-profit groups there that day.

As we didn’t have a lot of space to set up our kiddie carnival fundraiser, or volunteers to help, we did it in a mini-version.  Mostly table top games, that we set up on banquet tables.  We planned it all within a week also, kind of a last minute thing.

Games for a kiddie carnival fundraiser that are easy to make and run:

Lollipop Garden – Styrofoam with lollipops stuck in it.  Color some of the bottoms, the colored ones win a prize.

Plinko – A tiny version of the Plinko game from the Price is Right.

Duck Pond – For a small version, and dog themed, I used a large dog bowl as the pond, and some tiny rubber ducks that I found on Amazon. Use Sharpie Markers to color dots on the bottoms of some of the ducks.  The colored ducks win a prize.

Fish Bowl Game – Our dog themed version used small dog bowls that the kids threw the ball at trying to get on in a bowl.

Milk Bottle Throw – Again we used dog bowls (Plastic this time) and a tennis ball.

Ring Toss – Stiff dog and cat collars could be used instead of rings.

Balloon Darts – Draw paw prints on some of the balloons, and if you pop those ones, you get an extra special prize.

Confetti Eggs – This one is time consuming to set up, but the kids love it.

Face Painting Booth – Lots of animal themed faces running around.

Coin Toss – we painted a big sheet of pallet plastic with big paw prints, instead of just circles.

Puppy Kissing Booth – If you have a few calm, people loving dogs that love to give kisses, kissing booths are always popular. Make sure to keep their shifts shorts, and manned by your best handlers.

And many many more: There are lots of ideas for games for your kiddie carnival fundraiser here.

Food Stand – Make lots of animal themed goodies.


Prizes: An insurance company helped sponsor the event for us, and provided most of the prizes.  Small toys, candy, temporary tattoos, etc.  A lot of small prizes can be ordered online, for very cheap, for prizes.

In addition to the kiddie games, which we sold tickets for at fifty cents a piece, we also had a lot of our adoptable dogs there, with handlers for each one.  A book of the adoptable dogs who weren’t there, and flyers with information about our group.

Our kiddie carnival fundraiser turned out to be one of our best fundraisers that summer. And it was pretty fun for the volunteers too.

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