Long Awaited Dog Reunions

Long Awaited Dog Reunions
Long Awaited Dog Reunions

I always see all of the wonderful reunion videos shared on social media. You know, the ones where the soldier returns after a long deployment and the dog is ecstatic to see him or her. They’re always such wonderful reunions.

We have been awaiting our soldier’s return for two years now. We should have our own joyous reunion video with the dogs, right? Well, our doggy reunions never go that well.

Protective Reunions

Just after we formally adopted the Little Boys, Man of the House took a new job that includes lots of travel for work. His first work trip lasted two weeks. When he returned the Little Boys didn’t want to let him in the house. Then they wouldn’t let him near me or Sister. It took them a few days to realize that he still actually lived here. After the first couple of trips, all of the dogs adjusted to his comings and goings.

Long Awaited Reunions

Then the first time Brother came home on leave, about 10 months after he left for BMT, the Little Boys were fine with him. They were wary of him for about 5 minutes, then they settled down. The Big Boys, who never had a problem with Man of the House’s comings and goings, wouldn’t accept Brother as being a resident again.

Lewy, his own dog, the one who never wanted to leave his side before he left, wouldn’t warm up to him for at least a week. He was apparently upset with his boy leaving him for months, and he wasn’t going to forgive him that easily. After the initial week, Lewy finally accepted him back into the “pack” and they became best buds for the rest of the visit. Then Lewy searched for him, and watched for him for weeks after he left.

This time, after two years away, Lewy is once again playing hard to get. It’s been almost 5 days already, and still every time Brother tries to love Lewy, he snubs him. We’re hoping that, here soon, Lewy will let him back into the family.

Settling In

The only new dogs in the house, that Brother hasn’t met before, are Cami and Bobby, the puppies.  And they both love anyone who will pay them attention. He was here two years ago when Snuggie and her sister came to us.

As for Brother, he’s trying to settle back in. He’s here, on leave, until after Christmas. But getting used to a whole house full of dogs, after having not been around them for two years, takes some adjustment. And so does having parents in residence again too.  Not to mention learning to drive big vehicles on the right side of the road, instead of tiny vehicles on the left.  And the weather is quite different, he arrived home to snow, after spending two years in a tropical climate.

And we are so thankful to have him home for the holidays!

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