Meaty’s Exercise Program

Meaty's Exercise Program
Meaty’s Exercise Program

I knew she had gained a little weight.  It wasn’t a big surprise, she spends most of her time burrowed under the covers on Sister’s bed.  But when I took her to an event hosted by the dog rescue group that she came to me from, and everyone mentioned how fat she was.  It really hit me.  Yes, she had reach not just plump, but bordering on obese.

Meaty's Exercise Program
Meaty’s Exercise Program

So Miss Meaty, our little meatloaf, has started her diet and exercise program.  For the first week, it hasn’t gone over all that well.  She definitely wasn’t happy about going on a walk.  She’s used to being off leash in the yard.  So Sister carried her out of the yard.  We decided to walk her down to my parent’s house.  The grand kids gather there every Tuesday night before they go to their youth group at the church.

The Reluctant Meaty

After carrying her out the trail past the yard, for about 500 ft.  Sister made her walk.  She voiced her displeasure at the prospect.  But once she realized she wasn’t going to get carried, she gave in and walked.  When it came to going down hill, she seemed almost eager, and led the way.  By the midway point, her tail was wagging a mile a minute and she was smiling as she went. Instead of acting like we were torturing her by making her walk with us.

Meaty's Exercise Program
Meaty’s Exercise Program. She’s finally getting into it.

Our destination was a great idea.  The kids all fawned over her.  Telling her what a good girl she was.  She got some water.  And they played with her, and loved her up, until it was time to go.  She loved it.  Especially since she was the only dog, and getting all of the attention from all of the kids.

Then the kids left for church, and Meaty and I started the walk home.  Although it’s only about a quarter of a mile to their house, she was tired on the way home.  And the way home is up-hill most of the way.

We went slowly and she made it.  The following day she did a bit better.  But there weren’t so many kids, just the youngest grandchild to give her some extra love.  And a drink of water.

She’s back to enjoying walking on the leash, and doesn’t have to be carried, or drug of out the yard.  So hopefully Meaty’s Exercise Program will soon get her back to the slim figure she had when she arrived at The Foster Pack home.

Soon she’ll be back in a small size harness instead of a medium.  And instead of spending her time hiding from the world on Sister’s bed, she’ll be out exploring it.  With her girl, Sister, at her side.  It’s good for them both.



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