Nahla wants a family of her own! 8 Year-Old Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Meet Nahla, she’s a sweet 8 year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix looking for the loves of her life!

Nala, 8 year old Spay Female Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Nahla, 8 year old Spay Female Pit Bull Terrier Mix

This beautiful gal has been waiting on the perfect family to find her and take her home.  Nahla is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations, already spayed and house-trained.  What more could you ask for in a four legged companion.

Nahla loves Beggin Strips and she’ll sit nicely for them.  This love-able older gal also loves her rawhide chews, squeaky toys and balls.  So she’s very easy to please.

She loves walking and does well on a leash.  But isn’t a fan of crates, and may bark and carry on some.  But that’s just because she would rather be spending her time with her new family.

Be sure to check out her video on her Petfinder page.

For more information on this sweet older pit bull terrier mix, who’s just looking for love in her golden years contact:

Fredick County Esther L. Boyd Animal Shelter

161 Fort Collier Road

Winchester, VA 22603


Monday: 10am-4pm

Tuesday: 10am-4pm

Wednesday: 10am-6pm

Thursday: 10am-4pm

Friday: 10am-4pm

Saturday: 11am-3pm

Sunday: Closed


Senior Dogs are Special!

We here at The Foster Pack have a soft spot for senior shelter dogs.  Old dogs are great! Over half of our pack is made up of senior dogs 10+.  They are such sweet souls!

And there are tons of reasons to adopt senior dogs.  Such as 10 Reasons to Adopt Older Dogs.

And tons of senior dogs spending their golden years in shelters all of the time.  We want to help get them out.

So we’re going to feature a new senior shelter dog every week.



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