Fundraising for Animals: Nude Calendar Fundraiser

Tasteful and funny Nude Calendar fundraisers have been going on for years, for all types of groups.  Even churches!  So why not do a Nude Calendar Fundraiser for your animal rescue group.  You know it’ll be a big seller!

Oh, don’t get offended so quickly.  We’re not talking Playboy naked, we’re talking real people naked.  With props, or in this case animals.  Totally G-rated stuff.  Okay, maybe PG 13, depending on how risque you’re volunteers are willing to go!

A nude calendar fundraiser would be a great fundraiser to fund a big project.  Such as, building a new animal shelter, or upgrading an existing one.

Nude Calendar Fundraiser

The fun of a Nude Calendar Fundraiser is that you can do it pretty much anyway you like, and it’s still going to be a big seller in your area.  In any area.  Come on, it’s human nature!

Find a creative photographer, and at least 12 models.  Men or women of any ages.  Anyone brave enough to bare it all for your animal rescue group.

Pick a theme, that shouldn’t be hard.  Get the animals involved.  Long-term shelter animals would be great to use.  Get their pictures in front of hundreds of people, and hopefully not only will your group raise a lot of money, they’ll find homes for those who need them most.

Find a printer.  Put it together, and let the selling begin.  They’ll fly off of the shelves!

Have more volunteers willing to bare it all for your animal rescue group?  Do up both a male and a female version.  See who sells better.  You may be surprised.

Some examples of tasteful and funny Nude Calendar fundraisers:

The Men of Maple Corner’s calendar featured men between 60-78 years old in various stages of undress.  They raise more than $500,000.  Far surpassing their original goal of $30,000.

The women from Tamworth, NH raised more than $75,000 with their nude calendar fundraiser.  The following year, they made the men do it.

In Rollinsford, NH the public library did a Bare it All for Books calendar.  They not only had a blast, they raised a lot of money.

Even public schools have done nude calendar fundraisers!  So why not your local animal rescue or shelter!

As with all fundraising efforts – Have fun with it!

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