Fundraising for Animals: Office Chair Race Tournament

Looking for a great fundraiser for your local animal rescue or shelter, and want to have fun doing it? Is the weather nice? How about an Office Chair Race Tournament?  What could be more fun than watching teams race around in office chairs?

Office Chair Race Tournament

An Office Chair Race Tournament is an event that can be held inside, if you can find a large enough venue, or outside in a nicely paved parking lot if not.  And it’s pretty simple to set up, here’s what you need:

A large, relatively empty building, or a large nicely paved parking lot.  Try a local church with a nice parking lot, as long as your tournament isn’t held on Sunday morning.

Traffic cones.  Or other markers, to mark out your racetrack.

Teams of 2, one to ride the office chair, and someone to push them.  Charge an admission fee for each team, around $15 or so, and sign up as many teams as you can before hand.  Have each team provide their own office chair.  Obviously, it has to have wheels.

Don’t forget to advertise for participants on your animal shelter or rescue’s social media sites, such as Facebook.  College age kids love to participate in events like these, if you’re near a college campus.  Sign up different clubs, sororities or fraternities.  Or go after the local business community.  Have the businesses race against each other.

Collect prizes donated by local business, or use part of the money raised for a cash prize for the winners of the tournament.

Taking bets on the winners of the office chair race tournament would add another dimension to the fun.

Then set up your race course.  Try to sweep all loose gravel out of the raceway if you’re having an outside tournament.  Make up your tournament schedule and have a blast!


Office Chair Race Tournament Variations:

Have each team pick a theme, and dress the part.  And decorate their chairs.

This would also be a good event to use some of the event “add-ons” we’ve talked about before.

A reverse auction, a Chinese auction, a 50/50 drawing, bake sale, or food stands.

Make a day of it.  You could even add in a few games for a Kiddie Carnival, to keep the kids busy while the “adults” are racing office chairs, or watching the festivities.

Other Notes: 

Helmets, knee and elbow pads should probably be recommended for the competitors!

And always check with your animal rescue or shelter’s insurance agent to make sure you’re covered for events like this.  The cost of the extra insurance needed is usually well worth the ability to have fun fundraising events like Office Chair Racing.

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