Personality Types: Confident Dogs

Does your dog exhibit the traits of a confident dog? Confident dogs are much easier to handle than aggressive dogs.  Firm and consistent training is still needed, though.  If left untrained, and not socialized, they can become problem dogs.

Confident Dogs

Dominant and self-assured, the confident dog tends to be.  Unlike the aggressive personality types, confident dogs accept human leadership much easier.  Firm and consistent training is still required though.  Harsh discipline can backfire with this personality type, causing them to display aggressive tendencies, and can provoke them to offensive or biting behavior.  Team players, and always ready to take charge, if need be.  Confident dogs may also be stubborn if they don’t have a strong human leader.

Confident dogs feel secure in their surroundings. They fit nicely into households with experienced owners.  They have a combination of traits of the other personality types.  With a strong human leader they can to be adaptable or outgoing dogs.  Put them in a situation with another dog that is a strong leader, and they tend to lean more towards the aggressive personality type. A well socialized confident dog might try to bully the insecure or adaptable dogs.  Asserting dominance in a pack setting.  An un-socialized confident dog will stand his ground, and not fear fighting with other dogs.

Compatibility with other personality types

Confident personality type dogs can be compatible with other confident or aggressive dogs, if well supervised and given enough space.  Left unsupervised or forced together fights can break out.

The confident dog can get along with insecure and outgoing dogs.  With close supervision to avoid the confident dog bullying the others, of course.

Confident dogs are highly compatible with adaptable and independent personality type dogs.  They tend to bond good and will take a leadership role in the pack.

Confident and independent dogs make up the bulk of our pack.  Supervision is needed, of course, when more than one of our groups are together.  Though, we do occasionally have a fight break out in each small group.  Mostly over guarded resources, toys or we, the human minions.

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