How to Plan a Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Golf is a sport that seems to appeal to all ages and types of people.  If you have a golf course in your area, your animal rescue group might want to try fitting a Golf Tournament Fundraiser into your yearly fundraising calendar.

How to plan a Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Your first order of business, to plan a golf tournament fundraiser is to find a golf course that will work with you.  Arrange for reduced greens fees, paid for by your organization.  Pick a date that works for both your organization and for the golf course owners.

Pick a date that works for both your organization and for the golf course owners.  Late spring or early fall might be the best times for this event so that the weather isn’t too hot for your golfers.

Solicit donated prizes from local businesses for the winners of the tournament.

Arrange for volunteers to handle the registration process, watch holes and act as referees during the tournament.

Charge $50+ for each two-person team. Teams can sign up together, or be paired with another player of similar ability.  Or charge $100+ for teams of four.

Having your golfers sign up ahead of time will let you set your schedule of “flights” of golfers, using established handicaps, or other criteria.  Allow for walk-ins on the day of the event also.

Host an after party where you can sell food, beverages, etc.  Have a 50/50 drawing, reverse raffle or Chinese auction.

And let the fun begin!

Mini-Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Instead of holding your golf tournament fundraiser on a full golf course, do a Mini-Golf Tournament instead.

Adjust your admission fee for golfers accordingly.

Night Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Hold your golf tournament fundraiser after dark, using glow int he dark golf balls.  Outline the holes with lights, or glow in the dark sticks.

Hole in One Golf Contest Fundraiser

Instead of playing the whole course, whether on a full golf course or mini-golf course, chose your favorite par 3 hole and hold just a hole in one contest.

Whacking Dead Golf Tournament Fundraiser

The people at LEEP holds a great annual event that is a big hit.  Leisure Education for Exceptional People (LEEP) holds Inaugural Whacking Dead Golf tournament fundraiser which helps support all of LEEP’s programming.

What is this event? A night golf tournament with a zombie twist! As a participant, the goal is to stay “alive” through every hole as you evade zombies on every hole. Your $75 player registration includes your entry into the best ball tournament, a t-shirt, dinner, 2 drink tickets, and admission to an after-party.

Don’t want to golf? Be a Zombie! You could participate in a hunt of golfers out on the course. The $10 Zombie fee included 1 drink ticket and admission to an after-party.

Source: LEEP Mankato

Always check with your local laws to make sure your group gets any permits, insurance, and release of liability forms that may be needed for the events you’re hosting.  

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