Planning a Cupcake War Fundraiser

Another great fundraising idea for your animal rescue group is a Cupcake War Fundraiser.  This is a great event that can really draw a big crowd.  And it’s got the potential to become an annual event that your community looks forward to.

It can be the grandstand event that draws a crowd for more smaller events, such as reverse raffles, Chinese auctions, 50/50 drawings, etc.

It could even be held along with a kiddie carnival, office chair races, or a womanless beauty pageant.

How to Plan a Cupcake War Fundraiser

Pick a date that you can get enough volunteers to help out on.

Find your venue.  In warmer weather, this event could be held outside, at a large venue that has lots of flat areas to set up tables on.  If you want to hold your Cupcake War Fundraiser during the colder months, you’re probably going to want to find a large banquet hall to hold your event in.

Advertise for bakers.  Utilize social media to get the word out.  Invite amateurs and professionals alike.  You can have two different contests for the two categories.  For professionals, it’s great advertising, and exposure at minimal cost.  For amateurs, it’s fun to test their skills against others in their communities.  And for those who don’t participate in the baking, it’s a delicious way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Plan to serve light refreshments, included in the admission price of $3-5 per person.   Your refreshments can be something simple.  If it’s an outdoor event, grill up hot dogs and serve chips, and beverages.

Have each baker bring a certain number of cupcakes the day of the event, usually 3-5 dozen depending on the number of bakers you have registered.

Select a panel of judges to judge the cupcakes based on taste, design, and presentation.   Have prizes for the top three, along with a baker’s choice award.

After the judging is completed, auction off one dozen of the winning cupcakes in each category.

And sell the remaining cupcakes individually, in half dozens or dozens.

Add in any other types of fundraising that suits the occasion, have fun with it.  And hopefully, your organization will rake in the dough.  I mean, who doesn’t like cupcakes.

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