Recycled Dog Toys: Keeping Dogs Occupied Indoors

Rain, rain, go away….  I thought April was supposed to be the rainy month.  But lately, it seems that it’s never going to quit raining here in Western Pennsylvania.  Which means with a dozen or so dogs in the house, and not much outdoor playtime leaves us with some bored dogs.  And bored dogs are never a good thing.  Bored dogs sometimes get destructive.  Ours don’t really get destructive, luckily.  But they do get underfoot a lot when they are bored.  Keeping dogs occupied indoors can be a challenge when it rains so many days in a row.  They get bored with their regular dog toys.

So how do we keep them busy, when there’s so many of them, without spending a bundle? We recycle.  And nothing takes us over a few minutes to make.

Recycled Dog Toys

Things that normally would just go into the trash, or recycle bins, turn into doggy entertainment.

Empty peanut butter jars are a favorite item in our household to use as recycled dog toys.  They’re similar to the stuffable Kong dog toys that everyone raves about.  We save them up for a rainy day, and until we have enough for everyone.  We remove lids and labels and throw those out.  Then we hand out the jars.  They love to lick as much peanut butter out of those empty jars as they can.  It keeps them busy for a couple of hours usually.  Supervision is needed, as smaller dogs, such as our little Monkey, can get their heads stuck in the jars, depending on the size jar you have.

Supervision is needed, as smaller dogs, such as our little Monkey, can get their heads stuck in the jars, depending on the size jar you have.

Empty Soda or water bottles are great too, to use as recycled dog toys.  Wash them out.  Use nice sharp kitchen scissors to cut a few small holes in them, in random places.  We chop up some of their favorite treats, to make them smaller.  Then put a couple in each bottle, screw the lids on nice and tight.  And watch them shake and roll the bottles around trying to get the treats to fall out of them.

Supervision is needed to keep them from getting the lids off or chewing pieces of the bottles off.

Old t-shirts are another staple for our recycled dog toys.  We use them for a few different things.  Old T-shirts can be cut into strips and braided to make new, light duty, tug ropes.  For the smaller, less ferocious chewers they work great.  For the Jack Russell’s they don’t hold up long.  Old t-shirts can also be cut into wider strips or squares, that we then roll up pieces of dog treats in and stuff into the Hol-ee Roller Balls that we have.  When they’re packed tight enough, they can keep the dogs busy for quite a while too.

Again, supervision is needed for these recycled dog toys, to make sure that no one ingests pieces of the fabric.

What type of recycled dog toys do you make up for your dogs?



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