Shawn is looking for love, and an experienced home. 7 year old Border Collie

Shawn wants love, and a Border Collie experienced/understanding home!

Shawn, 7 yr old Border Collie
Shawn, 7 yr old Border Collie

This beautiful boy is Shawn, and he wants a home of his own!  A 7 year old Border Collie, he needs a family experienced with his breed.  Border Collies are not for first time dog owners!

Shawn is in the prime of his life, and will require an active lifestyle. He is people and other dog friendly. He weighs in around 46 pounds, and has a medium length rough coat.  Isn’t he gorgeous?

He is up-to-date on his vaccinations, already neutered, wormed, flea and tick treated, and on a heart-worm preventative.

For more information on this gorgeous boy, contact:

Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue OAIC, Inc.

2550 Fox Avenue S. E.

Minerva, OH 44657


Shawn, 7 yr old Border Collie
Shawn, 7 yr old Border Collie

26 years in Rescue and watching and learning from others mistakes and successes has helped Indian Summers Rescue successfully place 100 plus rescued dogs annually into their correctly matched forever homes.

We are here for Our Rescued Dogs First. We are here to serve and guide You in this most important process called Animal Adoption.

If you are interested in Adopting a Border Collie from Indian Summers Rescue then:

1) Request Our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire by emailing us.

2) Remember Patience is a Virtue and Adoption is for a Lifetime, not just till the novelty wears off. We will work for you to find you Your Perfect Match! And we will continue to work with you in the years to come with training and medical advice and whatever is needed to insure the life long health and happiness of our Indian Summers Rescued Border Collie Gang Members!

Senior Dogs are Special!

We here at The Foster Pack have a soft spot for senior shelter dogs.  Old dogs are great! Over half of our pack is made up of senior dogs 10+.  They are such sweet souls!

And there are tons of reasons to adopt senior dogs.  Such as 10 Reasons to Adopt Older Dogs.

And tons of senior dogs spending their golden years in shelters all of the time.  We want to help get them out.

So we’re going to feature a new senior shelter dog every week.



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