Foster Dog Update: Sophie the Silly! 1.5 year old Cavachon

We’re making progress with this sweet little Cavachon!

Our sweet not-so-little Cavachon

Finally Still Sophie
Finally Still Sophie
1.5 yr old Cavachon

Although she’s still a bit clingy with me, she is making progress.  She no longer jumps on us constantly for attention.  She still jumps some, when the excitement gets to be too much for her.  Which still happens a few times a day.  But it’s not all her fault, she feeds off of the excitement of the other dogs, and is still working on learning to settle down on command.

She’s doing great on her crate training during the day.  She has a special Nylabone that is reserved for crate time only, which helps greatly.  But she will also nap in her crate now, and rarely fusses.  Unless of course the rest of the dogs start barking.

Tomorrow we’re going to see how she will do in her crate at night, if I move it to my bedroom.  As of now, she’s still sleeping in the big bed with me.  And she’s still a good girl in bed, but having her sleep in the bed with me causes jealousy issues with the dogs who are crated in my room at night.  The Terrible Trio and Cami, the Wonder Pup.  So we’re going to try hauling her crate back to the bedroom and putting it right at the end of my bed, to see how she does.

She still doing well with her house training, and has very few accidents in the house.  She’s also learning to love to be outside.  Today she wanted to bury herself in the snow, instead of staying in the shoveled area.

Sophie is still never still…

She’s still probably the most active dog in the house.  She never seems to tire of playing.  And we have seen a bit of her destructive side.  We’re averaging one toy destroyed per day.  Although yesterday she outdid herself and managed to decimate three.  It’s a good thing Christmas is coming to refill our toy boxes.

Tomorrow the two little puppies go back to their litter, so she won’t have quite so many playmates.  And Cami simply doesn’t have the stamina to keep Sophie entertained. We’re going to be able to work on teaching her to entertain herself, non-destructively.

Today she tried to get our old man, Ozzy, to play with her after she tired out Cami and the puppies.  I think she was kind of disappointed that he didn’t seem to know what to do.  Oz has been here for 5 years now, and he has yet to really engage in play with any other dogs.  He will play with toys and chew on bones.  I just don’t think he was ever taught to really play with dogs.  Before he came here, he was an only dog.  I wonder if he misses those days?

Soon this gorgeous girl will be ready for a good grooming, and then a home of her own.  Although we’re recommending that she have at least one other, playful, dog in the house.  It really will help keep her out of trouble.  She really is a social girl.

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