Teaching Your Dog to Sit

Teaching your dog to Sit, is probably the first of the basic dog training commands that you’ll teach him. It’s also probably the most important, as teaching some of the other basic dog training commands require you to start with your dog in the Sit position.  Such as Stay, and Lie Down.

Teaching your dog to Sit isn’t hard.  As dogs are natural sitters.  You can start training puppies with the Sit command as soon as they learn their names.

Teaching your dog to Sit.

Get your high value training treats ready, you’ll need them, of course.

Start in a quiet area with few distractions.  Show your dog a treat, wait for him to settle down and sit.  As soon as his butt hits the floor, say Sit. And give him the treat.  Some praise at this point helps a lot too.

If your dog doesn’t sit within a few minutes, hold the treat down towards his nose, and slowly raise it and go back.  His butt should go down as you take the treat towards his ears.  Again, as soon as his butt hits the floor, say Sit, and give him the treat immediately.

It’s never a good idea to try and push a dog’s behind into a sitting position.  Try to stay calm, and confident.  And if he truly refuses, try a higher value treat.

Practice a few times until he gets the hang of it, or loses interest.  And keep it up over a few days time, anytime he would normally just get a treat, or his food bowl, toys, etc.  Ask him to Sit before it’s given.

If you have a terribly stubborn dog, instead of teaching your dog to sit during training sessions, keep a handful of treats in a baggie in your pocket.  Anytime you see him sit down on his own, say Sit as soon as his butt touches the floor, and give him a treat.  If you keep up with this, he’ll be sitting on command in no time.

Once you’ve finished teaching your dog to Sit, work on getting them to stay in the Sit position until you give the release command.

Teaching your dog to Sit dog training video

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