2nd Foster Kitten – Aldwyn P. Baldwin

AldwynP. Balwin (Aldi for short) is the big tuxedo boy of the second crate of kitties that we first brought home. He’s around four months old. He came from the same place as the three slightly younger ones, Missy, Alley and Nala, although it’s thought that he’s not part of the litter, he seems to see himself as their big brother.  And he may very well be a relative on the father’s side, due to his similar coloring.

He’s such a sweet boy!

Aldi is very a sweet boy, who can be a little judge-y. He’s currently watching me munch on a cookie and giving me “that” look, like he knows that I shouldn’t be eating it.  Or maybe he’s judging because I’m dropping crumbs on his newest and littlest sibling, Winnie, who’s wrapped in a towel on my lap.

Aldwyn is, also, an independent boy.  He’s quite content to entertain himself, until he wants attention, or one of the food or water bowls goes empty.  Then he’ll let you know, loudly, but not incessantly.  He’s such a polite boy too.  He almost never gets his claws or teeth out when playing with his humans, or fur siblings. Aldwyn also likes my body heat apparently, as he appears in any spot that I vacate, almost instantly. And I rarely have to pull him off of somewhere he’s not allowed.  He’s just such a good boy.

Aldwyn is a wonderful big brother

He makes a wonderful older brother to all of the younger cats.  This is a good thing, as our kittens have lots of “mothers”, the Chihuhua girls love to help clean the kittens up, washing their faces and behinds. 

But Aldwyn steps in to slap the male dogs, if they growl at one of the little ones, usually, because the littler kittens like to try and play with the dogs tails.  He likes to make sure that all of his younger siblings are at the bowls and eating, before he’ll take his place at his own bowl.  And if one of them is looking for someone to cuddle, he’s always right there, snuggling up to them and purring loudly. 

He would make a wonderful cat for someone who fosters kittens, since he likes to help care for them.  If I could convince MOH to let him stay forever, I would.  But as of now, MOH is holding firm on the” all of the kittens are still fosters – you’re not keeping them.” The old cranky guy.  But, he plays with them as much as the rest of us when he’s home.

Aldwyn P. Baldwin is already neutered, up to date on his shots, and is ready to be adopted into his forever home. He’s available through Just Us for the Animals.

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