3rd Foster Kitten – Missy, 3 months old.

Our 3rd foster kitten, Missy.  3 months old.

Missy kitty is our third foster kitten, approximately three months old, Missy is a very playful kitten. She and her two sisters have been with us since July 17th. They came in to one of the low cost spay and neuters clinics, with their mother, and Aldwyn. They had been trapped as strays on someone’s property. But she’s not quite ready for adoption yet. She will be soon, though, as she and her two sisters are scheduled to be spayed at the clinic on Saturday, October 5th. Then they’ll just need a week or two to heal before they’re ready for adoption.

Missy is a very playful kitten.

Missy and Alley Kittens, 3 Months old
Missy and Alley, 3 month old kittens

She’s quite great at entertaining herself while I work, and she doesn’t even need any expensive toys. For four days she entertained herself with the little piece of plastic that I ripped off of a Mio water flavor bottle. I have no idea where she hid it when she was put back into the kitten room. But every time I let her out, she’d find it and bat it around the house almost their whole two hour playtime. When MOH threw it out, she made herself happy with a crumpled up post it note that she dug out of my office trash can.

If she’s not playing with the small pieces of garbage she gets a hold of, she’s wrestling with Nala. Although sometimes it turns into more than wrestling, and I have to pull them apart. Or chasing Callie kitten around the house.

Missy Kitten, 3 Months old.  Sleeping on the stereo.
Missy kitten likes to sleep on the warm stereo.

And when she’s done playing, she’ll climb in my lap, if it’s empty, and fall asleep. If she can’t get in my lap, one of the windowsills is her favorite place to lay. She also likes to sleep at the foot of our bed at night. After we get in bed, she’ll come up and get some rubs. Then she lays down at my feet and stays there until MOH gets up in the morning.

All in all, Missy is a very sweet kitten, who will make someone a wonderful companion. And in just a few weeks Missy, will be available for adoption through Just Us for the Animals.

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