5 Dog Grooming Basics you can do at home.

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Dog Grooming Basics
5 Dog Grooming Basics you can do at home

Grooming, it’s a chore that every dog owner must deal with, whether you have a short hair sporty breed, or a long hair prince or princess. Or in our case, a long hair Pomeranian that thinks he should play in the woods, and brush with his short haired brothers. And whether you have a dog that likes to be groomed, or one who acts like you’re torturing them, it still needs done. Or whether you enjoy it or not. Unless of course you haul your precious pooch to the groomers regularly. So here are the basics of dog grooming that you can do at home.

1. Brushing

Dog Brushing
Photo Credit: Mickey Samuni-Blank

Brushing is the first, and most important part in dog grooming basics.

All dogs need brushed, no matter their coat length or type. Although, how often they need brushed depends on this. Short hair, not currently shedding, need brushed the least often. Long hair, silky or fuzzy types (think Pomeranian, Yorkie, etc. ) need brushed daily.

Brushing your dog regularly will also cut down on the amount of loose dog hair floating around your house.

Making sure that you have the right dog brush, is very important. It’ll make brushing your dog a lot easier, on both you and your pooch.

2. Bath Time

Dog Bathing, Dog Grooming Basics
Photo Credit: Amy fricano

Once you’ve got all of the tangles brushed out, then it’s time for a bath. Bathing a really tangled dog only makes the tangles worse, and you end up cutting off more than you brush out. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Some dogs love a bath, others hate it. But they all need one at times. Some dogs, more than others. Around here, our dogs get bathed every other week at least. In the muddy seasons the boys who spend lots of time outside playing often get bathed more often. Or at least wiped off with a damp towel.

Using the right shampoo, and techniques makes things a lot easier.

3. Nail Clipping

Dog Nail Clipping, Dog Grooming Basics
Photo Credit: Moody Air Force Base

The most dreaded task of most pet owners is nail clipping. But unless you have a dog that spends a considerable amount of time outside running, and not on soft grass, it’s a necessary evil of dog grooming basics. Even out Jack Russell Terriers, who spend hours a day outside, in nice weather, running through the woods and trails still need their nails clipped occasionally.

Stick with us and we’ll help you learn the best way to tackle this dreaded chore. Pick up some peanut butter in the meantime. But make sure it’s not sweetened with Xylitol, which is terribly toxic to dogs.

4. Ear Cleaning

Dog Ear Cleaning, Dog Grooming BAsics
Photo Credit: Edward Streiff

Dog’s ears can get gross, really gross, if attention isn’t paid to them during dog grooming time. They can also get terribly infected, leading to pain and possible hearing loss for your poor pooch.

Regular ear cleaning is needed most often in dogs with floppy ears, that block air flow to the inner ear. But even pointy eared dogs need a good ear cleaning on occasion.

5. Hair Trims

Dog Grooming Basics
Photo Credit: Maigheach-gheal

Hair cuts are not a necessity for every dog. Short hair dogs, like our Jack Russell Terriers, never need a hair trim. And even some longer hair dogs, like Pomeranians, don’t need to be cut, as long as they are brushed regularly. But breeds whose hair continuously grow, such as Yorkshire terriers and Shih Tzus need to be trimmed monthly or so, depending on the cut desired.

For more difficult dog cuts, a regular grooming by a professional dog groomer is recommended. But for bang, or bum trims, most dog owners can learn to do this at home between groomer appointments.

Stick with us and over the next few days we’ll cover each topic in-depth.

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