No Longer Available. Barney 12 yr old Yellow Lab Mix

Barney is looking for a family of his own!

Barney, 12 yr old Yellow Lab Mix
Barney, 12 yr old Yellow Lab Mix

This sweet boy, Barney, is a 12 year young Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix, who weighs about 50 lbs, and who just wants a forever family of his own for his golden years.

This sweet boy is up to date on all of his vaccinations, and is already neutered, and house trained.  A few small tummy and skin problems that he has are easily controlled with medicine, and a special diet.

Barney, 12 yr old Yellow Lab Mix
Barney, 12 yr old Yellow Lab Mix

Barney was found as a stray when he was young, and has been as friendly as can be since then.  Although he can be a little bashful, he is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll meet.  A game of fetch is the way to his heart, and he loves walks and even playing in the snow.

As a Lab/Sight hound mix, he’s prone to chasing after things, or smells that catch his attention.  So a fenced in yard is a must.  He’s also not used to being around children, so an adult only home is probably best.  But he gets along well with other dogs, and even cats.

Are you looking for the companionship of a sweet older boy?  And have a fenced in yard for him to play in? If so then Barney is this guy for you!

For more information on Barney, contact:

Barney, 12 yr old Yellow Lab Mix
Barney, 12 yr old Yellow Lab Mix

Forget-Me-Knot Pet Rescue

PO Box 51

Parkman, OH 44231


Senior Dogs are Special!

We here at The Foster Pack have a soft spot for senior shelter dogs.  Old dogs are great! Over half of our pack is made up of senior dogs 10+.  They are such sweet souls!

And there are tons of reasons to adopt senior dogs.  Such as 10 Reasons to Adopt Older Dogs.

And tons of senior dogs spending their golden years in shelters all of the time.  We want to help get them out.

So we’re going to feature a new senior shelter dog every week.

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