ADOPTED! Betty wants a quiet home! Senior Boxer Pit Bull Mix

Betty is looking for a quiet family of her own!

Betty, Senior Boxer Pit MixBetty is a mature girl with an easy going attitude, who’s very smart.  She loves long walks with time to smell the flowers, enjoy the sun, and of course, the occasional roll in the grass.  She also loves to love her people.

Being a senior gal, Betty would love a quieter home.  She may be okay with other pets who also enjoy the quiet life, and would respect her personal space.

Mature girls, like Betty are the most loving, most loyal and faithful companions you could ever want!  Could she be the new companion you’ve been looking for?

For more information on Betty, contact:

Betty, Senior Boxer, Pit Bull Mix
Betty, Senior Boxer, Pit Bull Mix

Animal Charity of Ohio

4140 Market Street
Youngstown, OH 44512
If you are interested, please fill out an application at the link below:*Animal Charity cannot guarantee the purity in breed of each dog. Therefore, all of our dogs are considered mixed breeds.**Descriptions are based on kennel behavior and are subject to change in a home environment.

Senior Dogs are Special!

Betty, Senior Boxer, Pit Bull Mix
Betty, Senior Boxer, Pit Bull Mix

We here at The Foster Pack have a soft spot for senior shelter dogs.  Old dogs are great! Senior dogs (10 years +) make up over half of our pack..  They are such sweet souls!

And there are tons of reasons to adopt senior dogs.  Such as 10 Reasons to Adopt Older Dogs.

And tons of senior dogs spending their golden years in shelters all of the time.  We want to help get them out.

So we’re going to feature a new senior shelter dog every week.  And we try to find the ones who have been waiting for their forever families for the longest.


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