Cami, Week 1 with a Puppy of our Own

Cami, Week 1 with a Puppy of our Own

Miss Cami has been with us, without her siblings, for a week now. And as far as having just one puppy goes, I think we’re doing pretty good. Especially, considering it’s been a long time since we raised a puppy beyond 12-18 weeks.

Puppy Potty Training

We still have a few accidents in the house each day. But they’re usually our fault for not noticing that she has to go potty, or thinking that she can hold it for just a little bit longer.

Puppy Bedtime

Cami's Bedroom
Cami’s Bedroom

She sleeps through the night, without needing a potty break. Which is wonderful. I never thought she’d be sleeping all night, and without accidents at this time.  I feel like we’ve cheated somehow, and skipped the very baby stage of a new puppy.

We don’t shut the crate door on her at night, her crate is in the puppy-quarium, along with her bowls and a few toys.  But we may be able to change that soon, and put her crate on the floor with the others if she continues to do good.

She seems to like her little crate and bed.  I usually have to coax her out of it in the mornings.

Integrating with the other dogs

The other dogs are getting used to her, we still don’t let her run free with all of them yet. But we will in time.  Only Chewy even seems to notice her most of the time.  But then he’s always been the most interested in puppies.  Jackyl only gets interested in their food, if we forget to pick it up when he’s in the area.

She spends a good deal of her time with the older dogs, Ozzy, Meaty, Snuggie, and Kirby.  The first three tolerate her and are helping to teach her her manners with other dogs.  Kirby loves her, for the most part, he likes to play with her.

Puppy Playtime

She loves to run. And we love to watch her run. Sister and I both go out for her play times outside, lots of times.  She’s such a busy girl.  She loves to be outside when the other dogs are out.  She just runs from dog to dog, until she gets the zoomies.  Which she almost always does, and then she just runs crazily around the yard, zig-zagging every which way until she collapses at our feet.

Puppy Training

We’re working on getting her to come when called. And she’s doing good.  She comes when you call her about 90% of the time already.

At the beginning of next week, we’re going to start working on Sit too.  By then she should pretty much have her name and Come down.


She really spends less time in the playpens than we thought she would.  She spends a lot of time snuggling with either Sister or me.  She loves to wake Sister up every morning.  After feeding, potty and playtime in the mornings, I usually put her in her playpen in my office for a while.  She lasts about an hour before she sits at the gate looking pitiful.  She doesn’t bark or fuss, she just sits and stares until I take pity on her and pick her up.  Then she gets to go snuggle in Sister’s bed for a while after she wakes her with lots of kisses and puppy paws on Sister’s face.  Kirby likes to get in on the action too and insists on joining Cami on the bed to wake Sister.




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