Coconut Oil and Turmeric For Dogs

Coconut Oil and Turmeric for dogs
Coconut Oil and Turmeric for dogs – Dog treat Recipe

I love natural “medicine” for both myself and other family members, that includes the dogs.  Prevention, without man made chemicals, just seems more natural to me than pumping them full of chemicals after the fact.  Of course, there are times when regular medicine is very much needed.  Antibiotics after surgery or infection, or the occasional pain medication after an injury.  Chewy just ended up at the vet’s last week after falling off of the porch trying to play attack his brothers when they ran out the door.  A few days of anti-inflammatory and some time with a heating pack on his back, and he’s as good as new.  Or as good as a nearly 10 year old dog should be, at least.

Coconut Oil and Turmeric for dogs

One of my favorite things, one that I think helps, especially the older arthritic dogs, immensely is coconut oil and turmeric for dogs.   I’ve been giving my dogs coconut oil for years.  It helped Ozzy take off his extra weight easier, helped Chewy and Woobie with their skin problems.  And all of the dogs coats are thicker and shinier.  Then about three years ago, when Chewy was diagnosed with Lymphoma in his lymph nodes.  He went on antibiotics and Prednisone for a while and the swelling went down in his neck.  His symptoms receded, and he was weaned off of the Prednisone.  During this time, I started looking for natural remedies for his condition.  I had also just started taking turmeric myself, to help with chronic tendinitis in my arms.  When I ran across studies about coconut oil and turmeric for dogs.  I knew it had helped my arms tremendously, so I added this supplement to his regimen.  His vet checkups were good.

So I started the rest on coconut oil and turmeric for dogs.  Immediately, we noticed a difference in Ozzy, our worst arthritic sufferer.  He’s going on 12 and still runs everywhere he goes.  He really doesn’t believe in taking it slow, unless his nose is to the ground on the trail of something interesting.  The other dogs seemed to benefit too.

In the beginning, we just melted the coconut oil and mixed it with their meals.  When we added the turmeric, I just opened up a capsule and added it to their meals also.  But it made meal time take quite a while to set up.  So I started making the coconut oil and turmeric for dogs into treats.  The dogs love the treats, all except Snuggles, who we still have to melt it for.

My coconut oil and turmeric for dogs treat recipe

1 cup of melted [amazon_textlink asin=’B00CPZPYLS’ text=’organic, cold pressed coconut oil’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’755bc758-0d85-11e7-99f2-b1cc776c2cf4′].

2 tsp [amazon_textlink asin=’B000WR4LMY’ text=’organic turmeric powder’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’952bda9d-0d85-11e7-85cd-5b8200ee05e1′].

1/4 tsp [amazon_textlink asin=’B00T0NDFS2′ text=’black pepper’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ab00631b-0d85-11e7-aec5-0be0bb66f6c7′].

It’s pretty easy.  Just melt the coconut oil, I do it in the microwave in a pour-able measuring cup, stirring often.  Then stir in the turmeric and black pepper.

I use tiny [amazon_textlink asin=’B019PZ51RC’ text=’silicone heart shaped molds’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’17f01c3f-0d86-11e7-9d7a-d9addcd11814′] that I found on Amazon.  More because they were the right size dosage for my dogs, at about 1/2 teaspoon per mold.  I just pour the mix into the molds, stirring often so the turmeric and pepper don’t just sink to the bottom.  Then chill in the fridge until hard.

Coconut Oil and Turmeric for dogs
Coconut Oil and Turmeric for dogs, dog treat recipe.

The turmeric does settled to the bottom as they harden, so they turn out light yellow on the top, and darker on the bottom.

We pop them out and keep them in a small mason jar with a lid in the fridge for easy access.  For most of my dogs, one to three of the treats per day is sufficient.  The recommended dosage is 1/2 tsp coconut oil for 10 lbs of body weight, or in my case 1 treat per 10 lbs of body weight.  If you’re just starting out with coconut oil and turmeric for dogs, start with just one a day for a few days, and add more slowly until you’re up to the dosage your dog need.

Pretty easy stuff.  It takes me about 15 minutes to get them ready that amount fills two of the little trays of molds, then they stay in the molds until I get around to popping them out.

For a special treat, I occasionally add two tablespoons of peanut putter, for a change of flavoring, or a tablespoon of bacon grease.  Yes, I know it’s not really healthy, but it only happens that I have bacon grease on hand every few months.  So it’s not enough to really harm them.

Turmeric stains. Everything, molds, hands, clothing, you name it.  Handle with care.


  1. Lesley says:

    Hi – thanks for this. We have just adopted an extremely overweight and arthritic retriever and I am going to start her on coconut oil + turmeric. Vet has prescribed previcox for pain but it really doesnt seem to be helping. I hope the coconut and turmeric works as she is so playful but in a lot of pain.

    1. MamaMinion says:

      Don’t forget to add a little black pepper to the mix. The pepperine helps the bioavailabity of the turmeric.
      It helps our dogs out tremendously.

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