Cookie, the Cocker Spaniel Update

This post is part of the series Cookie: 2 Yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel

We’re making progress with this poor, scared girl, Cookie, the 2 yr old Cocker Spaniel foster dog. Slowly but surely.

Comfy Beds

Cookie 2 yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel
Cookie 2 yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel

Cookie now prances around the house like she owns the place.  And I think she thinks she does.  She’s learned that furniture and the big comfy dog beds are better than the floor for sleeping. Although she still prefers the protected bed in the playpen, under my work table.  Whenever she’s scared and runs, that’s where she can be found.  She doesn’t however like to be in a crate with the door shut.

Loving the Rubs

If we’re sitting down, she’s right there begging for attention.  She loves to have her chest and ears rubbed.  But she’s not quite comfortable enough to flip over for belly rubs.  She will sit on our laps, or at least she would until this morning when I sneezed with her on my lap.  She took off and hid in the playpen for over an hour.

Standing up, she’s not as likely to come to us to be rubbed. But she’s getting better.  Especially if we remember not to move to fast.  Holding things in our hands is still a big no, if your want some Cookie love.  The mop and broom are the worst.  And I use those two items multiple times per day.

Cookie 2 yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel
Cookie 2 yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel

Becoming a Pet

She’s getting pushy come mealtimes and when we’re handing out treats.  Pushing her way to the front of the group.  Although that’s not hard for her, being the biggest dog in the house.  She’s even learned that Mama is sometimes addle-brained, and that if you get back in line after you get your treat, Mama will sometimes give you another, thinking that you didn’t get.

Cookie is also learning which of the other four-legged residents like to play with her, and which don’t.  She’s discovered toys, and shoes.  She has yet to learn to differentiate between the two.  So shoes are banned from our floors once again.  Cami and Cookie love to play tug with socks.  If none of the play socks are visible, they happily steal some out of the laundry baskets.

House Training and Walking

Housebreaking Cookie is coming along slowly.  She’s still terrified when the leash accidentally bumps her, and then the potty break/walk is over.  One leash bump and she lays down and refuses to move, scared out of her skin.

It’s just way too soon to even think about letting her off lead yet.  So we take is slow, and try not to let the leash bump her.

Adoption Interest

Although she’s not anywhere ready for adoption into a regular family yet.  We do have some interest in her.  A wonderful woman who used to foster for a Cocker Spaniel Rescue, and who has a lab that she rehabbed from being scared and feral, much like Cookie herself.  So she’ll soon go on a meet and greet and we’ll go from there.

Cookie really is a sweet girl, who’s really trying to come out of her shell of fear, and learn to be loved by humans.

This post is part of the series Cookie: 2 Yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel


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