Doggy Fun with the Man of the House

Doggy Fun with MOH
Doggy Fun with MOH

I was glancing back through my journal, and saw my notes on a few of the conversations that MOH (Man of the House) and I have had this year.  He really puts up with a lot from me and all of the dogs I bring through here.

All of the significant others, and family members, of people in animal rescue do.

So here’s a shout out, to everyone who has a spouse, parent, etc. who does animal rescue!  We couldn’t do it without your support!

Thank You for putting up with us crazy animal rescuers.

And some funny conversations that have taken place in our household this year alone:

Unexpected Puppies:

MOH Coming home from a long work trip and finding a litter of puppies in the bathroom.
MOH: “Is there something you forgot to mention while I was gone?”
“Oh, yeah we have a litter of puppies that had no where to go.”
MOH: “And they’re in the bathroom why?”
“You haven’t been back to my office yet, have you…”

Too Many Puppies:

“Will you please mop the playpen for me?”
MOH: “Which one? The big puppies or the little puppies?”
“The one with the little puppies in it.”
MOH heard mumbling as he mops: “I can’t believe I’m fighting a three inch tall dog over the mop.”

Want to go for a walk?
MOH: Where you walking too?
I don’t know yet, just felt like a walk.
MOH: okay I’m coming.
* hands him leashes with 2 16 wk old puppies on them.
Here, then you take these 2 and I’ll get the other 2 that need walked. And we can do them all at once.
MOH: In other words, it’s potty time?

Deaf Dogs:

“Will you get Snuggie in from outside?”
MOH *stands on porch and yells
“She’s deaf, she’s lived here 2 years, and yet you keep yelling for her. Do the hand thing.”
MOH *does the wrong hand gestures while still yelling for the deaf dog…
MOH: She never wants to come for me.
Hmm, I wonder why.

MOH: “What’s this new dog’s name?”
MOH: *Calls for Cookie
“She’s deaf, she can’t hear you.”
MOH: *Walks towards new dog, she takes off running.
“She’s also terrified of people.”
MOH: Great.

Tiny Puppies:

MOH coming home from another long work trip “Hello?”
“Be right out. I’m cleaning the playpen.”
MOH: “There’s a tiny dog, in a laundry basket, shitting on the kitchen table?”
“Oh good, he’s pottied. You can put him in the crate on the bar.”
MOH: “There’s a tiny dog on the kitchen table?”
“Yeah, he needed to potty and I didn’t want the other dogs to bother him.”
“He’s only 3 weeks old, it’s too cold for him outside.”
MOH: “This is when the puppies should be in the bathroom!”

MOH: Why is Lewy in his crate?
He’s calming down.
MOH: Why?
When I feed the puppy his bottle he gets too excited.
MOH: So?
I don’t like when he gets his “lipstick” out, especially when it’s my leg he gets excited on.

Feeding Time:

MOH starts filling bowls for doggy dinner time
MOH: How many do I need
There’s the right amount of bowls on the counter.
MOH: I grabbed the stack under then sink. So how many?
8, but one needs to be the puppy chow in the clear container in the pantry
and one needs to be half and half with the bag on the counter.
MOH: So I need 6 and you need to make 2?

MOH: Feeding time (said loudly while shaking a bowl of dog food.)
MOH *gets mauled by a pack of hungry dogs
Did you really have to shake the bowl?

MOH untangles himself from pack of hungry dogs.
MOH: Do I just give them the bowls?
NO. Ozzy goes in the little playpen. Jack gets shut in the kitchen and Cami eats on the round chair. Cookie goes in Sister’s bedroom. Cami gets the puppy food, Cookie gets the mixed bowl. Oh, and did you remember to put the dog oil on them?
MOH: So you’re doing feeding time?
I thought you wanted to help?


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