The End of an Era: The Tater Tots have left the building.

3 wk old Foster puppies
3 wk old Foster Puppy, Trouble. So sweet and small.
13 wks old
Sleepy boys, Trouble and Rascal, 13 wks old

That’s what it feels like.

3 1/2 months these two little guys have been with me. Their 3 siblings left a month ago.  They’re all settled in with their new families already.

I’ve watched them grown from from little 3 lb balls of fluff, who were just learning to walk, into big puppies, that out grew most of the adult dogs in the house.

But my little Tater Tots stayed with me.  Being watched for different medical reasons.

They’ve chewed up my kitchen.

Peed on my furniture.

They’ve also given me hundreds of puppy kisses and cuddles.

They’ve made me laugh.

3 wk old Foster puppies
Love this picture of Rascal, passed out with his chompers showing. That sure doesn’t look comfortable to me.
3 wk old

Tripped me.

Used me as a chew toy.

Helped me to get back into shape, with all of the walks we’ve taken trying to tire them out.

They ruined all of my spare dog blankets.

Chewed up the trim.

Scratched the floor.

De-stuffed our dogs beds and toys.

Chewed a hole in the wall.

And just this morning ate my tablet charger.

But I’m going to miss them terribly.

6 wk old Foster puppies
6 wk old puppies. Trouble living up to his name, and trying to tear apart the cave bed.

I’m going to have lots more free time.

My house is going to be quieter.

But it’s going to feel a whole lot emptier.

I’ve waited for this day, but I’ve also dreaded this day.

My babies are leaving. It had to happen soon, and I knew it was coming.

I even counted down the days, hours and minutes the last time they were supposed to leave. So ready for them to go.

I’ve loved them.

Trained them.

Cleaned up after them.

And now it’s time to wish them well, and hand them over to their new families.  I’ll worry that they’re

6 wk old Foster puppies
6 wk old

missing my.  I’ll worry that they’re getting enough attention and love.

I remember all of the things I forgot to tell their new families.  Their likes and dislikes.  Their bad habits.  Their silly habits.  The way they like to snuggle their heads back around my neck under my hair.  Their desire to rip my earrings out with their teeth.

Goodbye my Golden Babies.  I hope you have wonderful lives with your new families.  My little Trouble Bubble.  And my little Rascally Flatts.  My Tater Tots.  Mama will miss you!

Yep, the end of an era.  What will I do.

I’ll cry on the way home from the shelter.  I’ll cuddle my own dogs a little closer when I get home.  And I’ll start cleaning out the puppy playpen again. Because there’s still a litter in it.  The Yorkie puppies.  They’ll be with me another month or so before they too leave.

And the cycle will continue.  It’s called fostering.

And it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Trouble, 17 wks old
Trouble, 17 wks old
Rascal, 17 wks old
Rascal, 17 wks old

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