Fostering Shelter Animals: Have you considered becoming a foster family?

Fostering Shelter Animals: Have you considered becoming a foster family?
Fostering Shelter Animals: Have you considered becoming a foster family?

Have you been thinking about adding a new dog or cat to your household?

Have you considered becoming a foster family for your local shelter?

Fostering lets you help multiple animals until they find their forever homes. Or until you find the one foster animal that is a perfect fit for your family.

The amazing rewards of being an animal foster family.

Fostering shelter animals is very rewarding for both the foster animal, and the foster family. Knowing that with your help the shelter or rescue of your choosing was able to save another homeless animal. Each dog or cat, or other animal that you foster has it’s own personality, you get to meet so many sweet, loving animals that, by no choice of their own, ended up homeless. Getting to teach an animal how to be a part of a family, and to become a wonderful pet; to help them on the road to a loving adoptive forever family. There’s little in life that is as rewarding as knowing that you saved a life. Especially when that life curls up in your lap and kisses your hand.

Most people worry that they won’t be able to give up the dog or cat that they’re fostering. It can be rough at first. You spend so much time caring for them, then have to pass them along to the next stop on their journey from a foster family to an adoptive family.

Our first two foster dogs were foster fails. So I totally see how people can worry about this issue. It’s not always the case though. We happened to foster for a rescue that I had previously adopted two dogs from, the president of the rescue picked out my fosters, knowing who would fit into my household the best. She did her job well, she matched us up with the perfect little boys, and now years later, they are still the loves of my life. Our family had a hole in it, one that was created by the death of one of our beloved dogs. These two little bonded brother dogs filled that hole.

It gets easier.

After that it got easier to let go of our fosters. Occasionally, we come across a foster dog that is a little harder to let go. Then we meet the family or see the first picture of them with their new forever family, and we relax, reboot, and wait until the next foster comes our way. Never forgetting any of the dogs that we’ve fostered, and often get to see updates that their families share with the shelter or rescue.We find that litters of puppies are the easiest to let go of, they’ll get adopted very quickly. The older dogs, dogs with long-term medical issues, behavior issues, in other words the less adoptable dogs, are the ones we fail with now. Knowing that they have less of a chance to find a forever, they find their forever home here, welcoming in the next fosters.

Your family,too, can find their niche in the animal fostering world, by becoming an animal shelter foster family.

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