Foster Dog Update: Cookie’s Adoption Day

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Cookie's Adoption Day
Cookie’s Adoption Day

I have just a little bit of time to sit down and write about our sweet Sugar Cookie.  Today is her last day with us.  In a little bit, I’ll giver her a bath, get her all dry and pretty.  Then we’ll be on our way to the shelter, so that she can begin her new life.  She’ll have a new mom, and a fur sibling, Jackson, a black lab mix.

We’ve only had our sweet Cookie for 3 short weeks.  I thought she would be with us for much longer, but her forever mom found her very quickly.

Attention loving Cookie

Cookie and Snug
Cookie and Snug

She’s come such a long way in those 3 weeks though.  She is still a rather scared dog, and it will take quite a while for her totally lose her fear of humans.  But she now begs for love.  Anytime I bend over to touch any of the dogs in the house, she’s right there wanting rubbings too. She loves to be loved, but she wants to be scratched under the chin first.  So she can see it coming.  Once you start rubbing, then you can move your hands up to her ears and head.

She loves to cuddle on the couch with me, and or Cami and Snuggie.  She’s been spending her nights cuddling in bed with Sister.  And her new mom likes that, luckily.

Leash time

She walks much better on a leash, and no longer hides behind the fuel tank to potty.  She likes to walk around now, following the other dogs.  At her meet and greet on Sunday she did wonderfully.  She went right over to her future mom and aunt.  And tried to make friends with her future fur brother.  She even stopped and met some kids, whom she let love her up, on our way home.

Cookie met a cat too, she ignored it.  Which was a good thing.  Shadow is not always the nicest cat.  She depantsed me last time I was down there.  I had forgotten to put on a belt.

She hasn’t however figured out the stairs.  We still lift her up and down the stairs to the back porch.  And I think she’s gained some weight here.  She’s not a lightweight.

Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie

Play time

If she’s not eating, sleeping or being loved, Cookie is trying to get the other dogs to play.  She loves to play and spends most of the day dashing through the house with Cami.  When Cami tires out, she’ll try to chase any of the other dogs around who aren’t hiding from her.  The older dogs and the big boys don’t really play in the house, except for with their toys.

And Cookie has learned what toys are.  Although she’s still working on which things are toys, and which aren’t.  Yesterday she grabbed my favorite, and only pair of LuLaRoe leggings and ran off.  She thought it was quite fun to have Mama chase her through the house.  She’s also often found carrying around a blanket, or one of the smaller dog beds.  But she also likes the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00UE5WTKA’ text=’Kong Cozie Stuffies’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’47a5733e-caeb-11e7-aba6-a700199cc321′] and [amazon_textlink asin=’B008A3TE8I’ text=’Nylabones’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’510ef7e2-caeb-11e7-a701-673ca9112008′] that are always littering the floor.

Best Wishes Cookie, in your new forever life!

We’ll miss our sweet Sugar Cookie, but she’s got a wonderful new life ahead of her.  And we wish her all the best in it.

Good Morning Cookie
Good Morning Cookie
Cookie sleeping
Cookie sleeping

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