Foster Dog Update: Dotty, 2 yr old Chihuahua

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Spotty Dotty is the third of our Chihuahua girls, and she’s ready for adoption – to the right adopter. One used to dealing with an escape artist dog.

Dotty is a silly girl once she warms up to you, but that can take a while. And during that “getting to know you” phase, she’ll growl and bite and try to escape.

Let me tell you – she’s an escape artist. She can fit through small spaces that you wouldn’t think she could. Sometimes, I wonder if she’s part rat. She’ll jump out of arms, no matter how tall you are. And she’ll dart out the door the instant you open it.

Escape Artist Dotty

Dotty and tiny, ferocious, daring escape artist

How long does the getting to know you period last?

For me it took her a month and spending 8.5 hours lost in the woods during her great escape. We tracked her for over eight hours before she followed me home at 10:30 pm and put herself in the playpen off of the porch. I think the only reason she came back was because we had her mom and sister still. We had walked them on every trail that leads to our house, trying to leave scent trails for her to follow. But she did come back on her own. And after her big adventure, she became my best friend. (Who is currently sleeping inside my hoodie while I type.)

When she’s not running off, she’s hiding. And she’s so small that there’s lots of hiding places for her. Open a kitchen cupboard, and she’ll be in it before you even see her. Unfortunately, she’s not always a good judge of where she’ll fit and where she won’t. So Dotty sometimes needs rescuing from under or behind furniture. Once you figure out where she’s hiding that is. We’ve spent many moments is that heart stopping terror of not being able to find a dog. And she has terrible recall, so that doesn’t help.

Dotty all tucked in, her favorite state of being

Has she warmed up to the rest of the family?

Well, Sister can scoop her up, if she’s quick enough, from behind and she will let her hold her. She’ll even crawl all over her if she sits on the floor with them. Man of the House, however, still takes a bite to the hand every time he gets home from a work trip. He can’t seem to learn not to stick his hands in her playpen if I’m not there. She does allow him to pet her, and even hold her – if I hand her to him.

She’s a one person dog, for sure. And I’m her person. (Probably because I let her sleep in my shirt.)

Bossy Girl

Yeah, I’m wearing a dorky sweater, do you have a problem with it?

On top of being a great escape artist dog, she’s also quite bossy with the other dogs. Especially the big boys, Jackyl, Chewy Lewis and Woobie. Although, she’s not above bossing around Snuggie or Razzie either. She’s a bully who weighs 5 lbs. She can co-exist with them, mainly because the other dogs ignore her.

Resource guarding and territorial aggression are two of Dots-a-lots main problems. She’ll snarl over her food bowl, toys, beds, space on the couch (or floor if they get in her way) and especially for lap time. We currently have quite a noisy house with all of the barking and growling the little Cheese Nips can do. All three of them will ferociously guard me from my own dogs and family members. But when faced with new people coming into the house, they will bark ferociously, then hide behind me when approached.

Dotty’s Favorite Things

Sleepy girl

But when she’s not being a tiny terror, she provides hours of entertainment. Racing around the house with Chiquita, Lassie and Cami, like a whirlwind. When she runs, she looks like she’s on wheels. She also enjoys chewing on bones, and tugging with small stuffies with Chiquita.

She likes to burrow in the blankets (or my clothing) and sleep. But she’ll also cuddle with Chiquita and Lassie or Cami too.

Dotty really likes to be held, mostly by me, and is quite content to be carried around on my errands with me. She doesn’t do well on a harness and leash, and being an escape artist it’s tricky to walk her that way.

She is house trained, and pee pad trained, as she’s not a big fan on inclement weather. Not even when we dress her up in little sweaters and coats.

Dotty’s Perfect Home

Dotty and Chiquita

Dotty’s perfect home would be an adult home without frequent small children visits. She can quite quite nippy with small children. And due to her small size , could easily be hurt by mishandling. And a fenced in yard is a MUST. A very securely fenced in yard, with no small gaps or holes for her to squeeze through.

Her perfect home would also have another small female dog for her to pal around with. Possibly her sister, Lassie. But no, evil in her eyes, male dogs. Or at least very submissive, calm ones.

Her perfect person will be an experienced dog owner who has the patience and knowledge to deal with and manage her issues. She does bite. And who doesn’t mind the incessant barking of a tiny dog. She will repay you with lots of love, laughs and licks if you’re patient with her.

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