Foster Dog Update: Lassie, 3 year old Chihuahua

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Lassie is the second of the Cheese Nip girls, and she’s ready for adoption too!

Lassie was the slowest to come around to actually accepting me as her new mom, but once she did, what a little cuddle bug she’s become. She can be a little grow-ly and snappy at first, but once she warms up to you, then you’ve got a friend for life. She’s a one person dog, and will only tolerate the other people in the house. If she’s not on my lap, with either Chiquita or Dotty, she’s buried in the biggest pile of blankets that are in the same room as me. Luckily, around here, there are lots of blankets for her to choose from here.

Lassie’s Favorite Things

Pretty girl Lassie

Burying herself in blankets is one of her favorite things to do. Giving me tons of kisses is another one. Hanging out on the heat vents, when the furnace is running, makes her list of favorites too!

Lassie also likes to guard her pen and siblings from the “Evil” male dogs in the house. She’s willing to coexist with them, as long as they don’t invade her space. And boy can she pretend to be fierce. She even managed to pin Jackyl, our 24 lb, 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier, on his back when he dared to enter the playpen, which is her domain. I sure wish I had seen how she did it, I only came running when she made him cry. Even though the only thing hurt was his pride, he now avoids her at all costs .

“It wasn’t me.” Lassie claimed when caught mounting Cami’s head.

Sassy little Lassie has a big personality, for a 8 lb dog. When she’s not bossing around the Big Boys, she’s deviling with Cami, Chiquita and Dotty, racing through the house like little terrors, biting each other’s legs. She’ll let you know is she wants picked up by climbing up your arm when you reach for her, if she backs away, then it’s a not go.

Lassie is all ready for her new home

Lassie enjoying the fire.

This sweet girl is house trained, and potty pad trained. The cold doesn’t bother her as much as it does Chiquita and Dotty. She’s also crate trained. Although a crate really isn’t necessary, she’s not a destructive dog when left alone. Lassie does, however, like to steal my shoes. She never leaves marks on them, just carries them to one of the beds.

She walks well on a leash, after a few moments of panic when you first hook her. Having her independence taken away, is not one of her favorite things.

Lassie and Chiquita

She’s up to date on her shots, all spayed and ready to go. She does need to eat more often than most dogs. Even four hours or so, keeps her from getting too cranky.

Lassie’s perfect family will be a quieter adult only (teenagers would be fine) home. Preferably, with another small, submissive dog for her to play with and boss around. It would also need lots of blankets, preferably fresh from the dryer. A few toys and chew bones would be nice too. She’s just starting to really play with toys. Usually, only if one of the other little girls in the house is playing with her with it.

Her new family will have to be patient with her. They’ll take the time to win her trust and let her fall in love with them. And pick her person. But after that, they’ll have a great little girl who will love them, and lick them thoroughly.

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