Foster Dog Update: Razzie, 9 yr old JRT, Cattle dog Mix

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Razzie, a blind 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Australian Cattle Dog Mix has been with us since the end of June, she is the mother of our last litter of foster puppies. Her puppies have left us, and all but one has already left the shelter and gone to their forever homes.  Rylan, our little wild child is still available, but I’m sure her forever family will find her soon.  

Razzie is a wonderful girl!

Razzie, Jack Russell Terrier, Aussie Cattle Dog mix
Razzie, Jack Russell Terrier, Aussie Cattle Dog mix

Now that the puppies are gone, it’s time to get Razzie ready for her new forever family. She adjusted easily to her puppies leaving, and now she’s waiting on an appointment with an eye specialist, to determine if her eyes are salvageable, or if they will need to be removed. We’re hoping to get her in as soon as possible, but things have been rough for the shelter lately. The weekend before last it had to be evacuated due to flooding.  Now we’re getting hit by what’s left of Tropical Storm Florence, so that’s not good either. 

Razzie will be looking for her own forever home soon!

Razzie loves to run.
Razzie loves to run.  From both her terrier and cattle dog heritages. 

Once she’s all fixed up, Razzie shouldn’t have any problems getting adopted.  She’s a wonderful girl, with a lot of life left in her, despite her disability.  Getting around the house is not a problem for her, unless we rearrange things.  Even then, it only takes her a day to memorize the new layout of things.  Razzie also like to play tug, and chew on bones.  And of course get belly rubs.

Razzie chilling on the couch

She’s already house trained, and doesn’t even need to be leashed outside, as she comes right to you when called.  She does need to be watched closely, especially in an un-fenced yard, as she is blind, and she does like to run.  This sweet girl doesn’t intentionally run away, she just likes to run for the sake of running.  She doesn’t go very fast, I can usually keep up with her easily.  

She likes to squeeze into the tiny crate. 

Razzie also likes to cuddle.  She fancies herself a lap dog, even if she is on the larger side for that. She loves to climb up on my lap while I’m in my desk chair.  Or lay stretched out beside me on the couch.  She gets along with all of the other dogs in the house, except for Monkey.  But that’s on Monkey, not Razzie. 

All in all, she is just a great dog, who will be looking for her forever home in the, hopefully near, future.  

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