(Fur)MamaMinion slave to a large pack of dogs

MamaMinion, Slave to the dogs

(Fur)MamaMinion slave to a large pack of dogs
(Fur)MamaMinion slave to a large pack of dogs

Who am I and Why Blog?

I’m Haley Price, and I am the Minion/Slave/Lackey of a pretty large pack. They might associate me with the word Mama, but to them, I believe, it really means Our Crazy Bitch.

It takes a lot of practice and training, not to mention, patience and insanity, to remain in control. I’m hoping to add the calmly to in control in the near future.

As a longtime foster mama, currently for a local No Kill Animal Shelter, I get asked a lot of dog related questions by friends, family, and prospective and former/current adopters.  So I thought it would be worth my time to share what I’ve learned with the world. Then at least, I have a webpage to direct them to when I get asked a question. Instead of having those conversations at the Post Office, grocery store, party or wherever else I am when people approach the subject of dogs.  Some days, I can talk for hours on it.

My life sometimes revolves around the dogs, instead of them fitting into mine. The most demanding co-workers I’ve ever had. And I spend hours combing the internet looking for solutions to the problems that a large pack of dogs presents.  Not to mention the problems that just a single dog can present.  Each foster brings with them their own set of issues. Be it training issues, behavior, or health.  I like to do my research on subjects that I find interesting too.


When I’m not running my butt off after dogs (which is my main form of exercise, along with jumping 30 inch dog gates 500 times a day.), or researching dog issues online, I’m a freelance writer and Secretary/Treasurer for the local Municipal Authority.  In addition to everything dog related, I’m also an avid reader.  Collector of antique sewing machines, crocheting addict, and DIYer (of all types of projects).  I’m constantly remodeling/redecorating my house. (Such as painting my family room 6 times one year, until I found the perfect color.) Or just touching up the damage from the latest dog related mishap to occur. (Right now it’s puppy teeth marks all through my kitchen. Puppies in the kitchen went to the list of things to never do again.  Dog exercise pens were purchased, and puppies in a giant playpen is going much better. Until they learn to escape, at least.)

I, also, seem to spend a lot of my time taking pictures of our dogs, and constantly revolving foster dogs.  You can see some of those in our Instagram feed in the sidebar.

In the warmer months we, humans and dogs, like to enjoy the great outdoors.  Kayaking, hiking, and riding ATVs are some of our favorite warm weather activities.  With a lot of older, arthritic dogs, they don’t always enjoy being out in the winter weather we get here in north western Pennsylvania, and neither does their Mama.