The Terrier (Terrible) Trio

Foster Dog Failures, young adult Jack Russell Terrier Mixes
The Terrier Trio: Pantera, Monkey and Santana, young adult JRT mixes

It started with our first foster dog from a local dog rescue, Pantera. Next came his brother and litter mate, Santana, a few days later, the other half of the bonded pair. They don’t do well apart, and as there aren’t many adoptive families willing to take in two young Jack Russell Terrier mix brothers, we adopted both of them. Hellions from the beginning, they became the dogs that I use to train just about every new foster. Then they adopted a little sister, Monkey, and ruined my system….

Foster Dog Failure # 1: Pantera

Foster Dog Failure #1: Pantera, young adult JRT/Min Pin mix
Foster Dog Failure at first sight: Pantera, young adult JRT/Min pin mix

Pantera, our first foster dog and first foster failure through a dog rescue, a young adult Jack Russell Terrier/Min Pin mix joined us in November 2013. We had just lost the puppy of our pack, a 3 year old Min Pin mix, named Rico. We were lost, I contacted the rescue that we had adopted him from and the Founder recommended that we try fostering. I thought about it for a few days, and then drove up during one of their volunteer work days. I took home Pantera that afternoon. He was and still is, even three years later, a rather nervous dog, I still think he has the doggy equivalent of ADHD on top of that.

Introducing him to the rest of the pack that we already had was interesting. They had just lost their little brother/mascot and were unsure of a new dog. He settled in nicely though, as long as he could hide out near me when the other dogs were around. His first week here I would sit on the floor with my legs bent up and he would hide under them while trying to play with Jackyl.

We fell in love with him, and my daughter requested that we adopt him for her birthday. So we did. The following weekend his litter mate/brother joined our dog pack:

Foster Dog Failure #2: Santana

Santana, young adult JRT/Beagle mix
Foster Dog Failure at first sight, foster dog Santana, young adult JRT/Beagle mix

Santana, foster dog failure number two, another young adult JRT/min pin/beagle mix. He may have the coloring and bark of a beagle, but he has the body, and jumping ability, of a JRT.  What a combo he is. Our little jumping bean he is.

Named Santana by the rescue, because they thought it rude to just name him Satan. This guy was a devil of a dog when he moved in, and he was the reason the pack split in two. He and Woobie took an almost instant dislike each other. Although, he may have been a demon dog at first, he was eager to learn. He not only learned fast, but he helped Pantera settled down long enough to learn.  We decided very quickly that he and his brother shouldn’t be separated again, since he calmed most of Pantera’s nervousness and ADHD. Together they quickly became the dogs we’ve used to train the other foster dogs that have been through here.

Foster Dog Failure #4: Monkey

At first sight: Monkey, 10 wk old JRT/Rat terrier mix

Monkey joined the pack much later, in October 2014, a 10 week old JRT/Rat terrier mix with health problems, namely a broken neck. She was to be just a foster, but by the time she was mostly healed up, we knew we couldn’t let her go. (That and the fact that she will most likely, at some point in the future, need very expensive surgery to fix her neck again, making her hard to adopt out.) Pantera and Santana adopted her and quickly became her protectors. Even now two years later they are still her protectors and big brothers. With them behind her, she thinks she can take on the world, or at least show her dominance to any dog she deems weaker than her…