Foster Puppies Update: Razzie’s Litter

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Foster Puppies Update: Razzie's Litter
Foster Puppies Update: Razzie’s Litter

Our foster puppies are getting so big, on Sunday afternoon I accidentally put Monkey in the playpen with them when I was scooping them up for nap time. She’s 4 years old, and probably close to 10 lbs, but they are nearly as big.  Her coloring is also similar, so it was an easy mistake, and she didn’t mind too much until I had realized my mistake. 

Rowdy Rylan

Rylan finally still

Rylan is still our wild child. She’s very rarely still, unless she’s sleeping. If I had a tenth of the energy of that little girl I could take over the world. She runs, usually with an entourage trying to catch her, from one end of the house to the other. She also, unfortunately, still likes to bully her siblings by dragging them around by their ears or tails. We’ve been trying to get her to spend more time with Santana and Pantera, Monkey’s big brothers – who keep her in line, hoping that they’ll teach her that that isn’t appropriate.

Tiny Teddy

Teddy thinks he’s a knick-knack

Teddy likes to pretend to be a knick-knack when his siblings are after him. It’s so cute, he’ll run out to the family room and climb on a shelf and sit until they leave him alone.  He’s still the cuddliest of the bunch, always begging to be held whenever there’s humans around.  He’s not even picky about who, just whoever will pick him up. He just loves to snuggle and be rubbed. 

Beautiful Belle

Belle hiding under the couch

Belle is our little loner, hanging out behind the chair usually. Although lately she’s been hiding under the couch, and she knows how to stay just out of reach when I’m trying to round her up. Then I have to leave the room, she’ll dart out from under the couch to torment her siblings, who are all in the playpen by then. I have to try an catch her while she’s out. It’s become quite the game to her.

Talented Talon

Talon is obsessed with squeaky toys, and squeaks them constantly. He’s also become one of Monkey’s minions, and likes to follow her around. We think it’s because she looks like a smaller version of Mama Razzie, and Talon is definitely a Mama’s boy.  He was the last to finally stop nursing, and is the one most often found picking on Razzie when she’s trying to avoid her children. 

Blissful Bessie

Bessie getting some cuddles from Sister

Bessie is good at hide and seek. I spent 45 minutes looking for her, in the house, on Saturday night. I still have no idea where she was, she just suddenly appeared. She definitely needs some tags, so I can at least hear the jingle when she decides to sneak around.

Growing up so fast

They’re getting along well with the Terrible Trio, so they spent most of their time out of the playpen with them. Put away only when the older dogs are out. Which is a good thing, as they’ve been more destructive inside the play pen that out of it.  It’s amazing how they can get their noses through the bars and chew the walls, or the cardboard I used to cover the walls.  I finally dug up the extra (Plastic) crate doors and put against the walls behind the playpen. 

They learned about thunderstorms when our hill top got hit by lightening at least twice Monday evening. Earth and house shaking booms that made everyone in the house, human and dog, jump.

Tuesday morning, they got really smart.  They had torn apart a crinkly toy, and when I was trying to take a piece of the crinkle plastic, they kept passing it off to the next puppy as I would catch one.  They seemed to think it was quite fun.  I , on the other hand, didn’t find it as fun as they did. 

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