Foster Update: Chiquita, 7 year old Female Chihuahua

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Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua

I’m not sure where 2018 went. I blinked and it was gone, and now we’re already halfway through January 2019. This fall was a blur. We had Rebecca, who was adopted just before Christmas and is doing great in her new home. Getting Razzie to a specialist about her eyes, which we’re still trying to save. And of course, the Cheese Nips, who aren’t as nippy anymore – at least with me. They went into heat right before their spay surgeries, which then had to be delayed almost 2 months. Then we had Dotty’s big adventure where she ran off for 8.5 hours. We’ve also been remodeling our house, but we’ve finally got the new flooring down throughout – it was only like 2 years overdue, and the kitchen all redone.

She’s ready for adoption!

Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua
She likes to lay on dark blankets to make it hard to get good photos.

Chiquita is a great girl, she’s been pretty adoptable from the start. Spayed and ready to go! She’s now quite a little love bug with pretty much the whole family, and would spend most of her time snuggling on someone’s lap if she could. Chiquita let’s Sister and MOH pick her up and love up on her, most of the time. And she returns the love by licking you back, a little bit obsessively. I think it’s a Chihuahua trait, they all so it. We’ve been working on learning to walk on a leash, and once you get her outside and moving, she does pretty good. There is just a few moments of panic when the harness and leash are put on.

It takes her a while to warm up to new people, about 2 weeks. So for the week Brother was home, she nipped at his legs every time he walked down the hallway. And I don’t think he ever got to touch her, unless I was holding her while he did.

Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua
Snuggling on the couch

Chiquita is house trained, and pee pad trained, because she’s not a big fan of cold or wet weather, but will go out in it if forced. She’s also crate trained, very clean in her crate, and usually quiet. She will bark if someone enters the house after she goes to bed, but will settled right down when told “Enough” which is our Quiet command. They’ve all learned my bedtime routine, and as soon as she knows I’m almost ready, she heads to her crate and buries under her blankets. Chiquita doesn’t require crating though, she is non-destructive and would prefer to be with her people. She’s a great snuggler, and loves to be under the blankets.

Her favorite things: snuggling and playing

Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua
Sleepy Time Chiquita

Chewing on the Nylabones and other chew toys is one of her favorite things. Playing with the stuffies that usually litter the house, is another. (Yes, my house looks like toddlers live here most of the time.) Fetch and tug are fun when she’s in the mood. And she’s starting to play more and more with Cami, Lassie and Dotty too. They race through the house at least a few times a day at full speed chasing each other. Blocking the walkways in the house by wrestling around in them is, apparently, a fun thing for them too .

All in all, Chiquita is a wonderful little girl, who will make a great companion for someone. Although she might not care to have male dog companions. She still hasn’t warmed up to the big boys yet, although she does live in relative peace with them for the most part, as long as they don’t get too close. She is a little bit territorial, and likes to “guard” her stuff, but as long as no one challenges her, she’s pretty easy going.

Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua
Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua

I don’t, however, recommend her for a house with small children, because of her tendency for growling/nipping before she adjusts, and sometimes when she’s playing to getting treats. She needs a patient, loving adult family willing to keep working with her on socialization, and her territorial/guarding behaviors.

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