Fundraising for Animals: Doggie Ice Cream Social

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Fundraising for Animals: Doggie Ice Cream Social
Fundraising for Animals: Doggie Ice Cream Social

What’s better on a warm summer, but not blazing hot, day than best friend dog, and ice cream.  How about a Doggie Ice Cream Social?

Doggie Ice Cream Social

A Doggie Ice Cream Social is pretty easy to set up.  You could hold it at a local park or dog park.  If you have adoptable dogs, and volunteer handlers for them, bring them along and turn it into an adoption event also.  It’s always great fundraising and meeting potential adopters at the same time!

Ask local business to donate boxes of ice cream sandwiches and other frozen treats.  Along with bottles of water. Gather up as many ice chests as you can and fill them with the yummy frozen treats.  You can even have volunteers make dog friendly ice cream treats for the pups.  You can buy ice cream cups for dogs too, at some grocery stores.  Gather a few volunteers, and your’re ready for your Doggie Ice Cream Social.

Charge a dollar or two for the froze treats.   and have lots of flyers about your organization handy.  Make sure to have trash cans, poop bags and napkins and bottled water handy.

You’ll make lots of new friends, meet lots of sweet pooches, and have a great day.  A day that will hardly feel like work, while you raise some money for your animal rescue group.

Just remember to hold your fundraiser on a day when temps are dog friendly, if you live in an area with temps into the triple digits.  And ask that all dogs remain on leash at all times during the event.

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