Ginger Kitten – Callie, Foster Kitten #1

Callie, our devilish ginger kitten
Callie Kitten

Foster Animal #89 (1st Kitten Foster). Callie is an adorable ginger kitten that I was trying to play with at a Low Cost Spay and Neuter clinic back in July.  Too small to be spayed, she was there to be tested for FIV. She’s negative, thankfully, so she needed a place to crash until she was big enough to be spayed.

Our Devilish Ginger Kitten

Callie, our devilish ginger kitten
Callie, our devilish ginger kitten

Callie also needed some socialization, as her manners were and still are not the best. I’ve removed her from the bar three times in the past 15 minutes, and we now have a cardboard wall on the sink/stove side of the kitchen counters to keep her down. I’m not sure I’m the best person to do this, as I’ve not really worked with cats before. But we’re giving it a try.

And thanks to some wonderful, veteran cat rescue ladies, it’s going a lot better than it had. Callie had a nail trim, and learned that biting and scratching are bad before I brought her home. She’s still a little spit-fire, but we haven’t shed  much more blood for her.

Ginger kitten antics

Callie, our devilish ginger kitten
Her favorite place to nap

Callie has apparently decided to make friends with the dogs, as this morning I caught her climbing up and throwing dog treats from the bowl on the bar down for the Terrible Trio to gobble up. Are all ginger kittens this devilish?

She loves to race around the house during playtime, and then she’ll curl up somewhere to nap.  Occasionally, even in our laps.  Or on my desk, she prefers to lay in my inbox.

She purrs when we pick her up and only nibbles lightly on our fingers, most of the time.  Once in a while, she’ll launch herself at someone, out for blood – but it’s happening much less every week. And she gets along with the rest of the foster kittens, despite coming from a different place.  

I think Callie will make someone a great kitty as she grows up. Her silly antics do keep us laughing, even as we remove her from the bar twelve times a day. And we’re learning a lot about fostering kittens from her. I can even trim her nails easily myself now, without any bloodshed.

She will be available for adoption soon through Just Us For the Animals

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