Grooming Gone Wrong: Kirby’s Bad Haircut

Grooming Gone Wrong: Kirby's Bad Haircut
Grooming Gone Wrong: Kirby’s Bad Haircut

Even though most of our dogs are low maintenance, at least when it comes to grooming, I spend quite a lot of time grooming dogs. Bathing, brushing, trimming nails, etc.

When the Man of the House is home. He often offers to help. If I’m falling behind, I take him up on his offer. He’s actually better with the electric clippers than I am.

Grooming Kirby, the foster Pomeranian

So last weekend I was in the middle of clipping nails of the older dogs when The Man of the House (MOH) offered up his help.  So I told him he could shave Kirby’s behind, and give him a bath.  I watched him get the clippers, and take Kirby into the hall bathroom, and then went back to my own tasks.

A little bit later, a slightly damp Kirby goes darting past me, and he looked funny.  And his butt wasn’t shaved.  I thought about it for a minute and realized that I had never heard the electric clippers running.  So I chased him down, to see why he looked funny.  I almost cried.

The Man of the House had bathed him and then decided to give him a haircut.  A very uneven haircut.  And I had planned on taking poor little Kirby with me to a Bark for Life event the following day.  But there was no way I could take this poor boy out in public, looking like he had gotten run over by a lawnmower with very dull blades.
Unfortunately, MOH had heard me mention earlier in the day that I wanted to get Kirby a cut shorter for the summer.  Not shaved like we get Woobie, just trimmed shorter.  I had apparently forgotten to mention that I wanted it done by a groomer, who could make it look nice.  Kirby’s one hindquarter is still shorter than the rest of him, from his surgery last fall, after being hit by a car.  I wanted to try and get him all blended together.

I have to watch what I say from now on

Grooming gone wrong: Kirby's bad haircut
Grooming gone wrong: Kirby’s bad haircut

But I had forgotten I mentioned it to him.  He thought he was helping me out by cutting the fluffy little guy shorter for me.  But he was using just scissors, instead of clippers. And he was very uneven with them.  One side of his head was 2 inches long, the other side 1 inch.

Luckily, he hadn’t gotten past his head before Kirby decided he had had enough and started fussing.  He offered to try and even him up.  But I refused the offer.  I didn’t want to subject the poor little guy to more of daddy’s ministrations.

Now I have even more motivation to get Kirby to the groomer soon.  I just hope she’ll be able to fix it, once she gets over laughing at him.   And MOH has strict instructions from now on that he does exactly what I tell him to, at least when it comes to grooming the dogs.

And MOH has strict instructions from now on that he does exactly what I tell him to, at least when it comes to grooming the dogs.

Needless to say, Kirby didn’t go to the Bark for Life the following day.  Instead, Cami and Brindy accompanied me.  And we learned, just in time to tell her new family, that Brindy does not like loud music.

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