What happens when you hand your dog off to a stranger and walk away…

If you ever wonder what happens when you hand your dog off to a stranger and walk away...
If you ever wonder what happens when you hand your dog off to a stranger and walk away…

This post really touched a nerve with me.  I’ve been on the receiving end of unwanted dog pick-ups more times than I care to count.  How anyone can just hand over their dog to a stranger, I just don’t understand.  Our dogs are our family, I can’t imagine just giving them up to the first person who responds to a “Free to Good Home” ad.

It’s true.  They cry and they look for their owners, for longer than you think.  They feel abandoned, alone and scared.  It’s even worse when their owners drop them off at scary high-kill shelters.  Where all they can smell is death.

A Dog Rescuer’s View on Re-homing Your Dog:

If you ever wonder what happens when you hand your dog off to a stranger and walk away…

She’s still frantically looking for you. And by the way, she is in fact deaf. Guess you never noticed not even after i asked you.

If she had a name, you didnt say. You didnt ask mine either. You removed the pretty pink leash you had around her neck because it wasnt hers and tossed her in my car. I watched her watch you walk to your truck and drive away. You didn’t see her because you never looked back. I tried to soothe her with a soft voice but she couldn’t hear me. She’s deaf. You either lied or never tried talking to her and didn’t notice.

She was frantic when you disappeared out of sight. I had to pull over because i couldn’t see through the tears that filled my eyes. When i had to leave her in the car for a minute so i could run back into the vet with my credit card after her appointment, i could hear her cries from inside the building. I think it will be a long time before she doesn’t panic when someone walks away.

Don’t worry. Noone will ever walk away from her again.

She is every dog sold on a Facebook flea market page or Craigslist to the highest bidder. She got lucky. She landed in the arms of a rescuer. Most aren’t so lucky. They fall into the arms of abusers, dog fighters, college students who want them for a semester then dump them when they go home for the summer, and any number of unfortunate fates. Please think twice before “selling” your dog to a stranger. That money will be spent quickly, but their suffering may last a lifetime. You may not think much of that dog but i promise you, to her, you were the world.

* Please note that this is in no way a reference to people who RESPONSIBLY rehome their pets. There are sometimes circumstances beyond an owner’s control and for loving owners, it’s a very painful experience. The difference is that this person, like so many others, did this purely to make a few bucks. He didn’t ask any questions, no references, no home visit, no regard for what happened after he removed the leash he had wrapped around her neck and tossed her in my car. He denied that she was deaf so either he lied or didn’t even notice. Please be responsible when rehoming and ensure that your pet will be safe and loved. The best way to do that is to do a meet and greet at the persons home so you can see for yourself where they will be living and ask for vet references to make sure they provide medical attention and maintenance for the animals in their care.

Your support is so appreciated! Im overwhelmed by the love I’ve seen for just one little deaf puppy. It gives me hope that there are still good people in the world. Thank you

This is the rescue i am on the board of. If you would like to help us help dogs like Fiona, please follow our Facebook page

All But Furgotten

We are a 501c3 non profit Humane Animal Rescue. We currently have one volunteer Humane Police Officer and I will be getting sworn in once we complete renovations on the kennel we recently purchased. In order to serve the community by responding to humane calls, we need a place for animals to go. Sadly, many animals from cruelty and neglect cases are unable to go straight to a foster home. They need medical attention and are often unsocialized. We do not put fosters at risk by placing animals into their homes without a proper medical and behavioral evaluation. The completion of this kennel will enable us to save many lives.

Donations can be received through
PayPal at allbutfurgotten@gmail.com

or checks can be mailed to:
70 Carpenter Lane
North Huntingdon PA 15642

A follow up:

Been thinking alot lately about what dogs go through when their owners give them up. Sometimes its unavoidable. Sometimes it’s for the dog’s best interest. Usually it’s because people aren’t willing to put any effort into making it work but it’s always devastating to the dog. They don’t understand. I wish they could talk and express how they feel. Or maybe i don’t.

Fiona’s story received so much attention. 125 thousand likes and even more shares. Im not sure why her story stood out but there are so many Fiona’s. Usually the owners think nothing of what it does to the dog. I hear all about how hard it is on them and I see them feeling sorry for themselves, but there’s not much regard for the dog. There is zero regard for the rescuers who see the aftermath. Caring is a curse sometimes. We internalize their fear, pain, and sadness. We lose sleep, beg, borrow, and call in favors to try to save their dog. Sometimes i wish for just one day, i could be like them and sleep well.

No sooner did i type this did a friend ask for help. A Rottie owner claiming he needs his dog rehomed so the neighbor doesnt shoot him..Is the dog neutered? Vaccinated? Nope. I look at the pics and see a palace complete with cars that cost as much as my house but they want her to take the dog and deal with it. Complete with bullshit stories and excuses. Sure. Dump it on my friend and fellow rescuer. While you are eating whatever rich people eat and sleeping on whatever rich people sleep on, your dog has no idea hes about to get dumped and guess who will be worried all night and feeling guilty? Nope, not the owner. My friend and I because we are maxed out on space and have too many Fiona’s we are already trying to save. We will lie in bed feeling guilty because we can’t take your dog who will almost certainly be killed at the shelter because you never trained him or socialized him and because he’s a six year old Rottie and Rotties dont do well in shelters.

Well put, Erin!

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