Deceased – Kelly, little hippo, 7 Yr Old Pit Bull

Kelly was failed by humans, Rescue tried to save her…

Kelly wants to be your girl! 7 yr old Blue Hippo, Pit Bull Punxsutawney, PA
wants to be your girl!
7 yr old Blue Hippo,
Pit Bull
Punxsutawney, PA

Humans fail at alot but the biggest failure in my eyes is when it comes to animals.. I wasn’t going to post this but we at Just Us have nothing to be ashamed of…we are saddened and heartbroken…Kelly being failed from the beginning of her life at the hands of irresponsible and neglectful owners of 7 yrs had to cross the Rainbow Bridge peacefully due to no fault of her own…after several months in foster and then with an amazing group of ladies at the kennel and many many attempts of trying to find her an experienced rescue we just didn’t succeed… Although temporarily living in a boarding kennel was the safest and best place for her, she reacted in a negative way for a moment and it became apparent she would stand even less of a chance finding the perfect home…… Before you judge the breed remember any dog living on a chain with little to no socialization can become estranged over a period of time but many years had taken a toll on her and her fate was determined the day she was thrown outside…Her loving reaction to the ladies who rescued her and the staff of Jefferson Animal Hospital and myself today told us she didn’t forget who saved her from living a life of hell on a chain but we couldn’t save her by finding a home where she could rehabilitate her past.. Dare not one person comment negatively on this post because you won’t like my response….Sweet Kelly you deserved the best on this Earth but now you can run free….We truly love her and will never blame an animal for being failed by monsters walking around disguised as humans… 😓

Our hearts are broken…

Kelly, a beautiful little hippo of a 7 yr old Pit Bull,

Kelly was a chained dog, who was rescued from her chain in the nick of time.  A uterine infection, from never having been spayed, would have killed her within days, had she not been rescued.  She has since been spayed, and vetted, and is in great health.

Despite her years on a chain, she is the sweetest girl.  She just wants to be given the attention that she never had.  She loves to play.  Kelly is also super affectionate and eager to learn. (Check out her training video below)  She is housebroken, and crate trained.  She enjoys going into her crate when she wants to be alone.  Kelly loves toys, and going for car rides.  She walks well on a leash, and is treat motivated, making her easy to distract and train.

Unfortunately, like a lot of chained and ignored dogs, Kelly doesn’t do well with other animals. So her new family must have no dogs, no cats, and no young children.  She is much too rambunctious for small children but would do great with active teenagers.  Kelly was around older children in her foster home (over 10 yo).  Her foster mom said she would play catch with the kids and they would take the ball out of her mouth with no issues.

She spent the summer of 2017 in a foster home, learning how to be a pet.  But now, without anywhere else to go, Kelly is in boarding.  And although she’s doing great, a kennel is not a great place for a long-term stay.  Kelly longs for a home of her own, where she can get all of the love and attention she was denied before rescue stepped in to save her.

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Kelly, 7 year old Female Pit Bull
Such a beautiful, friendly girl!
Kelly, 7 year old Female Pit Bull

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