Jeff, 7 yr old Jack Russell Terrier Mix, Long Term Shelter Resident

Update: Jeff is going on 4 years at the shelter now.  Let’s help him find his family!

Jeff, Gateway
Jeff, Gateway

Jeff is a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix, 3 yr shelter resident at the Gateway Humane Society, in Fallscreek, PA.


Meet Jeff, what a cutie he is.  He is a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix, who has been waiting three long years at the Gateway Humane Society in Fallscreek, PA.  

Jeff is a shy guy, who needs a lot of coaxing to come out of his shell.  But once he does he is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.

The special family that adopts Jeff will need to be experienced dog owners, with no other dogs and no small children.  But once they win him over will have a wonderful little boy with a lot of energy.

More information on Jeff can be found by contacting:

Jeff 7 yr old Jack Russell Terrier Mix, 3 yrs at shelter
Jeff 7 yr old Jack Russell Terrier Mix, 3 yrs at shelter


PO Box 678
1211 Airport Rd

Falls Creek, PA 15840

Could you be the special family Jeff is looking for?

Know of a long term shelter animal?

As a foster mom for a local No Kill shelter, I’ve seen first hand the differences between a dog when he’s in a shelter, as to in a loving home.  And there is a big difference!

I hate to see animals spend a long time at the shelter.  Patiently waiting for the perfect forever family to find them.  And nothing makes us happier than knowing a dog that has spent months or even years at a shelter has finally found his/her forever home.

So here is our first post to get some of these long term shelter dogs adopt. I’m hoping to turn it into a regular series.  So if your shelter, or animal rescue has some long term shelter animals email us at: mamaminion @ thisdomain and we’ll do a write up on them too!

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