The Lost Ones – The Life an an Animal Rescuer

The Lost Ones - The Life an an Animal Rescuer
The Lost Ones – The Life an an Animal Rescuer

I recently ran across this on Facebook, and thought it described the life of an animal rescuer, shelter director, etc.  Few people could have put it better.

I am an animal rescuer.

Today, I didn’t have room for your dog; I had to say no. You said you were moving and couldn’t take him with. You couldn’t wait till next week, so you dropped him in a parking lot. He was hit by a car.

I didn’t have room for your puppies today, I had to say no. You don’t want all those puppies, they have to go today. I spent hours trying to find help. When I finally do, I call you back, but it’s too late, you “took care of them.”

The high-kill shelter emailed “the list” today. I didn’t see it in time, I was busy trying to find help for the puppies. When I offer to save them, it’s already too late.

I tried to save your dog today, but I was too late. The damage you did was too much to overcome. Your dog attacked someone today, and now he dies for your neglect.

You tagged me on a Facebook post today, someone giving their dog away for free. I thought someone else would save him, so I didn’t respond. No one did. Instead he was given to a dog fighter.

You dropped off your dog today. After 13 years he pees on your carpet so he had to go. He had cancer, I held his paw while he drew his last breaths surrounded by strangers.

You called me today, your dog was acting strangely, and you can’t afford the vet. Your dog was in labor, but you didn’t notice her out on her chain until it’s too late. She is gone when I get there.

You hear about those the rescuers save,

but all we can think about is those we lost.

Today. Every day.

Thank you to all those that have the most fragile of hearts and wake up each day knowing it will be broken. We need you more than you know!

Please consider joining us in our mission to save those without a voice. You can help by adopting & if you can’t adopt maybe you can foster, it’s free & saves lives! If you can’t adopt or foster can you send a donation to a rescue in need? (That’s all of them btw).. If you can not donate can you share the photos of the animals we are trying to save? Your share can save that dog or cats life simply by sharing! Doing nothing is part of the problem..please join us & speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!


Stolen from Kelley French Prichard

Well put Kelly French Prichard!

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