Miss Maddie, 5 yr old Yorkshire Terrier. 54th Foster Dog Adopted!

Miss Maddie, 5 yr old Yorkshire Terrier. 54th Foster Dog Adopted!
Miss Maddie, 5 yr old Yorkshire Terrier. 54th Foster Dog Adopted!

It’s been 48 hours since we said goodbye to our 54th foster dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, in the last 4 years.

The house is so terribly calm and quiet.  She was by far the barky-est foster dog we’ve had yet.

Our first Yorkshire Terrier

Miss Maddie is a 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) who came to us in March 2017, with her four Yorkie babies.  She was mainly a breeder dog, for a backyard breeder.  Forced to have at least one litter of puppies every year.  And given minimum attention and affection, as she was starved for it.

Her last litter of babies was all adopted back at the end of April.  And then it was time for Miss Maddie to have her spay surgery, so she can’t be made to have any more babies.  She did great for her spay but tested positive for Lyme disease. Which she finished treatment for in July.


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During her time with us, Miss Mads has come a long way.  Maddie was never socialized properly and was quite a handful when she arrived.  She bossed the other dogs around terribly. Counter-surfed constantly.  She was in places that the dogs shouldn’t be – all of the time.  Such as up inside of the couch.  She darted out the door every chance she got.  Lewy was constantly being sent to bring her back.  She barked incessantly and taught her babies to do the same.  Our nice strictly scheduled, and orderly house seemed brought to chaos by Miss Maddie and her kids.

She came a long way!

Once her babies left, we got down to some serious training with her.  She learned not to counter surf.  She quit dashing out any open door.  We even managed to calm some of her incessant barking, but not all.  It’s apparently quite common with the Yorkshire Terrier, so we’ve learned.  She learned to stay.  To come when called.  And to stay out of places dogs shouldn’t be, and she even quit hiding from us.  She learned to greet new people without the snarls and growls.  Maddie became an expert at loose leash walking and loved to be taken out.  She even learned to enjoy car rides.


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Best Wishes Miss Mads

Now she’s been adopted by wonderful new parents and has a new little sister to boss around.  A 3-year-old Yorkie.   We’re terribly curious to how she’s doing in her new life.  But since they haven’t called or texted, we have to assume she’s settling in nicely.

We wish her the best, and we’re sure we’ll hear updates about her in time.  We love to get updates on our fosters.

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